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Gliding over the skin lightly without attempting to move the deep muscle masses



Kneading manipulations that press and roll the muscles under the fingers or hands



Also known as percussion, a series of brisk blows administered with relaxed hands and following each other in rapid alternating movements



Fine tremulous movement, made by the hand or fingers placed firmly against a part; this causes the part to vibrate



Passive technique that places the body in a position of greatest comfort, thereby relieving pain. Decreases muscle tension and guarding


Positional Release

Similar to strain-counterstrain technique, uses compression to enhance the effect of the positioning


Active Release Technique (ART)

Deep tissue technique technique used for breaking down scar tissue/adhesion and restoring function and movement . Find adhesions through palpation, apply pressure or tension with the thumb or finger over these lesions in direction of the fibers.


Myofascial Release

Form of stretching also known as soft tissue mobilization, localizing the restriction and moving into the direction of the restriction regardless of whether that follows the arthrokinematics of a nearby joint



Instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions as well as to stretch connective tissue and muscle fibers. Stainless steel instruments, shaped to fit the contour of the body, scan the area, locate, and then treat the injured tissue that is causing pain and restricting motion



Structural integration, technique involving manual soft-tissue manipulation. Works on the connective tissue to realign the body structurally, harmonizing its fundamental movement patterns in relation to gravity. Said to enhance posture and freedom of movement


Trigger Point Massage

Small friction-like circular motions are used on the point, the amount of pressure applied to these acupressure points should be determined by patient tolerance; however, it must be intense and will likely be painful to the patients. The therapist can use the index or middle fingers, the thumb or perhaps the elbow.


Transverse Friction Massage

Treats chronic tendon inflammations, purpose is to try and increase the inflammation to a point where the inflammatory process is complete and the injury can progress to the later stages of the healing process. Place the tendon on a slight stretch and massage with the thumb or index finger to exert intense pressure in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the fibers being massaged.