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What are the 3 compartments of the thorax? What are the other components?

Left and right pleura, mediastinum. thoracic wall, Superior and inferior thoracic aperture, Diaphragm.


What is the superior thoracic aperture? Boundaries? Contents?

Opening connecting the thorax to neck. T1, 1st ribs. Trachea Esophagus, Great vessels and nerves, lungs


What is the inferior thoracic aperture? Boundaries?

Closed by the diaphragm. T12, 12th pair of ribs


What are the openings of the diagram? Vertebral level and what passes through?

1. Aortic (T12) Aorta, Azygos veins, Thoracic duct
2. Esophageal (T10) Esophags, L/R vagus n.
3. Caval (T8) Inferior Vena Cava, R phrenic n


What are the contents of Superior Mediastinum?

Superior VC, Brachicephalic v, arch of aorta, Thoracic duct. Phrenic n, vagus, n, esophagus, trachea, thymus,


What is the vertebral level of Superior and inferior mediastinal border? What is important here?

T4-T5. Borders of aortic arch, bifurction of primary bronchi.


What are the contents of Anterior portion of Inferior mediastinum?

No major structures.


What is contained in the posterior portion of inferior mediastinum?

Esophags, Thoracic aorta, Axygos veins, Thoracic duct, Cisterna chyli, Vagus n, Esophageal plexus, Sympathetic trunk.


Name the borders of the axillary inlet. Contents?

Posterior=Superior margin of scapula
Medial=Lateral margin of first rib

Contains brachial plexus and large blood vessels.


Where is the breast attached, blood supply, Lymphatics, and innervation?

Attached to anterior thoracic wall.
BS: Internal thoracic a and v
L: Axillary and parasternal lymph nodes
I: 4th-6th intercostal nerves


What is the vasculature of the thoracic wall?

Intercostal arteries/veins, Azygos system of veins


What is the lymphatic drainage of the thoracic wall?

Intercostal, parasternal, diaphragmatic nodes


Innervation of thoracic wall? Sypathetic trunks?

I: Intercostal nerves

Sympathetic: T1-L2