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two 18 hole championship courses. full array of report and member amenities

golf driving range, gol academy and short game practice area

12 miles north of Aberdeen

1400 acres


Additional amenities

luxurious clubhouse with sea views
450 room, 5 star resort hotel with ass conference and anquet facilities, full service spa, tennis courts, recreational facilities

state of the are gold academy, maintenance facility with turf grass reseach centre

36 luxury 4 and eight bedroom gold lodges

950 holiday homes and sea views

500 private houses

housing 400 staff

linked by a new coastal road called trump boulevard



site purchased 3/2006

planning app submitted 11/2006

sub of envy econ and econ impacts 3/2007

detialed plans for golf course and club house sub 6/2007

initially rejected by aberdeenshire council structure committee

called in for decision by scottish ministers under section 46 town and country planning act 1997

means planning decision was taken away from aberdeenshire council on ground that it is of significant national importance


Baseline conditions

An agricultural area local economy threatened by decline in north sea oil and gas; fishing

coastal environment due to system of high nature conservation importance with an WU designated estuary nearby


public enquiry: Key issues

need, policy, socio-economic, ecology, incl appropriate assessment

landscape and cultural heritage

outcomes and consultation: local opposition; wider support


need for development

>500 golf clubs in scotland

gold toursim accounts for 2 % of the scottish economy

golf tourists are high spending and attracted by trophy course with top class features

aberdeenshire lacks an internationally renowned high profile, must play trophy golf course

airport expansion greatly enhance accessibility to Menie estate from US, Europe wiithin UK

lack of 5 star hotel facilities in the area

significant scope for in bound golf tourism from key markets of N america, Europe and UK

raises profile of aberdenshire



'trump rig develop 6th golf and leisure resort, 6 project objectives:

world class site and location, excellent access by air road and rail, favourable project anlaysis and feasibility study
favourable planning envt

potential to host a major golf championship

potentital to create residential, leisure and tourism facilities.


Alternative sites

nine countires in europe and 2 in Asia
Normandy france
Cork Ireland



2 nearby european designated sites
one SSSI and Site of interest to natural science (SINS)

unlikley to be any significant impact on sands for movie (SAC)

surveys to inform potential impacts on the Ythan Estuary, sands of forgive and Meikle Lock SPA

significant adverse changes to SSSI and SINS with changes to the dune formation processes and losses of dune habitat with significant adverse effects on flora and fauna


Ecology (Flora and Fauna)

readily available data collected

13 ecological surveys were commissioned

site encloses broad range of habitats incl cultivated land, wetlands, range of dune habitats and important plants

5 of the dune habitats considered to be rare in Europe

hold several rate lower and higher plan species and breeder birds, notable large population and breeding skylark

otter make extensive use of watercourse and waterbodies

large badger sett


Ecology mitigation outline

Menie envt management advisory group (MEMAG) - oversee production of course not management plan (resolve construction and operational constraintes

creation of new slacks and plan habitat translocation and seed collection maintain young dune slack habitat

trasnlocationof EC priority habitats (if feasible)

protection of areas known to be important for fungi and lichens

special measures to translate seed and turf to sustain lower and higher plant populations

3 artificial otter colts and an otter protection plan

a badger protection plan

new habitat creation for realist breeding birds

erection of nest boxes and bad boxes at denies house

biodiversity target action to maintain and enhance palmate newt, black headed gulls and wading birds, brown hair and which elm


residual impacts- ecology

'slight to serve adverse'

sever adverse impacts having been identifies on the notified interest of the Foveran Links SSSI

moderate sever effects are predicted for Skylark and badger

net reduction in biodiversity, probably both short term and long term


Landscape and Cultural Heritage

Baseline: undulating farm land, dunes and coastline, mostly undeveloped, A90 and North Sea

impact of early phase of level sig adverse due to loss of land to development and the cage in views and character caused by erection of large buildings and widespread changed in land use and management

landscape structure of development matures the impacts will reduce

further development: significant areas of residential development and an additional golf course lead to further sig landscape impacts


Cultural heritage designations

Category building 1835 within remains of 1782 vernacular building

no other listed buildings on site but number listed in national monuments record and sites and monument record

listes buildings close by, church, churchyard, gate pillars, dovecot

no scheduled ancient monument conservation areas

number of mesolithic artefacts


sever negative impacts (Cultural and landscape)

significant impacts may be experienced for distances of up to 3km from the site

vertical scale of the proposed buildings is far greater than existing buildings, contrasts with gentle topography and open panoramic views

vegetation od dunesL will change current feeling of relative wilderness and solitude.

residential: significantly change the currently low key level of development that characterises the coastal landscape


Policy- National

National planning framework
-development spoors NPF objective of increasing the rate of sustainable long term regional economic growth

NPF- Aberdeenshire= economic development zone. allows for investment in infrastructure incl upgrading A90 trunk road

identified at tourism gateway help diversify regional economy - protect and enhance the natural built and cultural envy

national policy context for economy, development is favourable


policy guidlines

proposal supports aims of national planning policy guideline 15 'planning policy for rural development'- adresses the development of large scale mixed use tourist and leisure projects

NPPG 13 coastal planning states wherever possible proposals should directed towards developed rather than undeveloped coats
conflict between rural development and coastal policy


Local policy

nature conservation sites- policy has to consider the balance between envy protection and economic benefits of a proposal

national biodiversity action plans do not fit in with the proposal



177 representations list on LPA website incl statutory consultees, scottish wildlife trust, businesses, universities, sports, educational and heritage groups.



Changes (Michael Forbes)

Menie house: Mcloud house (after donalds mother)

dunes- :great dines of scottland

protest group called "tripping of trump: 60 have bought small parcels of land from Micahel Forbes

MF won 2012 glenfiddich Top Scot award by public vote


The decision

construction starts July 2010, progression delayed to global economy
ongoing problems with neighbours and boundaries

trump opposion an offshore windfarm