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Name three hardships that the settlers of Jamestown faced.

1. Colonists not used to hard work
2. Ran low on food / poor soil for planting
3. Disease / mosquitos / drank dirty water


Why was tobacco an important cash crop for the colonists?

Colonists would trade tobacco for other good.


Who was Lord DeLaWarr and how did he help the Jamestown Colony survive?

Lord DeLaWarr was sent by the Virginia Company with new powers. He brought supplies and he forced the colonists to work.


Name three factors that hurt the colonists' relationship with the Powhatan.

1. John Smith FORCED Indians to sell food to the colonists
2. Colonists tried to take more land and build settlements
3. John Smith made friends with other Indian groups


Describe Captain's first meeting with Chief Powhatan.

John Smith gained Chief Powhatan's respect.


Name two important events in John Rolfe's ice that helped the English colony.

1. Married Pocahontas - brought peace
2. Brought a new tobacco to plant in Virginia


How did the English use indentured servants?

To help grow tobacco


What was the importance of the House of Burgesses?

The first elected law making body in North America.


What was the first elected law making body in North America?

House of Burgesses


List three views the English had of the Powhatan.

1. Powhatan men did not work hard
2. Powhatan did not use the land well
3. Powhatan should become Christians and learn English ways


Describe the view the Powhatan had of the English.

1. English are weak
2. English don't know how to survive on the land


Describe why the first Africans came to Jamestown.

1. They were kidnapped.
2. They were sold as indentured servants.


What happened when Chief "O" took control of the Powhatan?

Chief "O" decided to attack the colonists.


What three reasons did Chief "O" decide to attack the colonists?

1. English took too much land
2. English forced Powhatan to live away from the rivers
3. English tried to teach the Powhatan the ways of the English


What was an example of independent thinking in Virginia in 1635?

The colonists removed Governor Harvey from office of governor.


How would you describe the relationship between the Powhatan and the English in the 1640s?

They were fighting for 2 years, the English defeated the Powhatan.


Give four facts about the "starving time".

1. Worst winter for colonists
2. Lost their leader - John Smith
3. Trade with Powhatan brought little food
4. Ran out of food - starved


What were four causes for the Virginia colony to grow in the 1610s?

1. Tobacco became cash crop
2. John Rolfe and Pocahontas married - brought peace with Powhatan
3. Virginia Company gave settlers more land
4. Virginia Company created the House of Burgesses.


What are four facts on why King James take away the Virginia Company's charter and make Virginia a royal colony?

1. Colony not making enough money for England
2. Colonists were dying from disease and Powhatan attacks
3. England blames Virginia Company for the colony's problems
4. England felt the colonists had too much freedom.