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natural (raw talent: someone with a raw talent is naturally good at something but has not developed their ability yet: He has the raw talent to become a star.)


Hang in there (AE Slang)

to keep trying and not giving up hope, to remain brave and determined when you are in a difficult situation (If there’s anyone out there who is trying and they’re just losing hope, just hang in there.)


Take sth down / put down

to write down something (He's giving the details about that project, please take them down or put them down.)


put somebody off

to make someone dislike to do something or not want to do something (Don't let the restaurant decor put you off. The food there is great.)


put sb up

to let somebody stay at your home and give them meals (I was hope you can put me up for a few days.)


put up with sb/sth

to accept an unpleasant situation or person without complaining (She put up with his violent temper.)


put in for

to ask for something in an official way, apply (I put in for pay increase.)


put sth across

to explain your ideas and beliefs in a way that people can understand (He was trying to put across a serious point.)


run over sth

to think about something (I'm running over on all the options we have here.)


run over sth

to explain or practice sth quickly (I'll just run over the main points again.)


set sth out

to explain facts, opinions or ideas in a clearly organized way in writing or in a speech (He set out the reasons for his decision in his report.)


set in

if something especially unpleasant it begins and is likely to continue for a period of time (Winter seems to setting in early this year.)


run sb/sth down (informal)

to criticize someone or something in a way that is unfair (It's too early to run David Moyes down, you have to give him time to show his capabilities.)