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avenge (v)

to do something to harm or punish someone because they have harmed you or offended you, revenge (United defeated Liverpool to avenge the loss they suffered earlier in the league by the same scoreline.)


put/set/make something right

to correct something, to alter a situation to make it more fair (After the defeat by City at the weekend we just wanted to put it right by getting a win against Liverpool.)


a monkey on your back

a difficult situation or a serious problem you can't forget (When you know you have to do really well in your exams it just puts a giant monkey on your back.)


a monkey off your back

to end a problem (By winning the championship, this team has finally got the monkey off its back.)


an awful lot

a very large amount (I don't know an awful lot about it.)


sting (v)

to make somebody hurt by a sudden sharp pain or to hurt like this (The manager was stung by the derby defeat.)


embarked on/upon something

to start something, especially something new, difficult or exciting (David Moyes is pretty sure that the reds can embark on a winning run.)


strive (v) (formal)

to make a great effort to achieve something (Carrick said the players are striving to deliver better results.)


spoils (n) (formal)

things that someone gets by being successful (The Ukrainian scored to ensure the spoils were shared.)


patch (n)

a small area of something that is different from the area around it (Shakhtar had defeated Arsenal and Chelsea on their own patch.)


gloss (n) (take the gloss off)

an attractive appearance on the surface of something that may hide something less pleasant (To lose a goal while controlling the game took the gloss off a solid performance.)


tad (n) (spoken)

a small amount, slightly (We are a tad frustrated after losing the goal.)


call on/upon sb/sth (phrasal v)

to formally ask someone to do something (Carrick is calling upon the side to build upon Wednesday's encouraging display.)


be etched on/in your memory/mind

you cannot forget it (Nick Powell etched his name into Wigan's history by scoring twice.)


buoy (v)

to make someone fell happier or more confident (Buoyed by his bright start Nick Powell opened the scoring really soon.)



the most successful, powerful or exciting part of something (Ryan Giggs said It's the pinnacle of European football and to play that many games is obviously special.)



the ability to keep increasing, developing or being more successful (Hopefully we can build a bit of momentum going into the weekend.)