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when a desk is shared by different office workers instead of bring used by only one employee everyday


To file away

To file away is a phrasal verb which means to store a document in an organised way, often in a file with other similar documents.

All my letters are filed away in a big cabinet in my office.

On Friday mornings I pay the bills and invoices from the past week, then I file them away.


in circular file

One funny slang expression is the circular file. When you put something in the circular file, where does it go? In the wastebasket!

A: What happened to those printouts?
B: Oh, they went in the circular file, sorry. I didn't think you needed them.


in safe hands (also: A safe pair of hands)

When you say someone is in safe hands, you mean they are being cared for by someone who is confident and skilled.

John is going to be operated on by one of the best surgeons in the country. He's in safe hands.

The new CEO of the company had degrees in engineering and business administration. The staff knew they were in safe hands.



to move your hand gently over something (He reached out and stroked her cheek tenderly.)


reach out to sb

when you want to show people that you are interested in them and want to listen to them (So far, his administration has failed to reach out to hard line republicans.)



one meaning is gentle and careful in a way that shows love (a slow, tender kiss)



full-term baby is born after a pregnancy of the normal length, premature (In developed countries the average birth weight of full-term newborn babies are 3.4 Kg.)



to fill a place with light or to make light shine on sth , light up (A single candle illuminated his face.)


leading light

an important or respected person in a group or in a particular field (When it comes to Christmas decorations David Cross is the leading light.)


famously (slang adv.)

well, to have a good or friendship relationship with sb


brasserie ( = bra (a slang word))

a cheap informal restaurant usually serving french food


cock-up (BE spoken informal)

sth has been spoiled by sb's stupid mistake or by being done badly, mistake


cock up (phrasal verb) (informal and it's not polite)

to botch, to sth badly because you have been very careless or you do not have the skill to do it properly (The builders really botched up our patio.) (His secretary cocked up his travelling schedule and he's really furious about it.)



a flat hard area near a house where people sit outside


cracking (BE informal)

eager to, very good or exciting (We have two cracking games coming up next week.)



on time (The punctual payment of invoices)


vibe (common adj.: good, bad and weird)

A “vibe” is basically the mood or overall feeling you get from a person or a place. It’s hard to describe exactly what it is, but you can “sense” it. Music is something that has a certain “vibe” to it as well. ( I don’t know what it is, but I don’t really like the vibe of that city. Something about it makes me uncomfortable.


I could have sworn (clause)

Use the phrases "I could have sworn..." when you were really sure that you knew something, but then you find out that you were wrong.

For example, imagine that you're telling a story about a trip that you took a long time ago with your friend. But then your friend says that she doesn't remember it:

A: I don't remember that at all. It must have been someone else.
B: Really? No, I could have sworn it was you!

You were really sure that she was on the trip with you, but now you find out that maybe she wasn't.

or imagine that you are looking for your book which you had put it on the nightstand next to your bed but it's not there now. You say:

That's weird. I could have sworn it was here.



relating to movement


romp (n)

a piece of amusing entertainment which has a lot of exciting scenes (A Royal scandal is an hour-long romp which pokes fun at royal marriages.)



unusual especially in an interesting way (Our writer today is taking us to a fun romp through some quirky words.)



a game in which players try to make sentences with separate letters they have