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strange or unusual (A curious 100m race takes place on Wednesday.)



it's time when you're not working and studying and can relax and do things you enjoy



law or set of laws (This is a very important piece of legislation.)


hot air

things that sb says that are intended to sound impressive but do not really mean anything or are not true (The theory was dismissed as a lot of hot air.)



planned and organized carefully, well (He gave a carefully thought-out speech.)


deed (formal)

sth sb does especially sth that is very good or very bad (She tried to strangle her baby and her lover helped her finish the evil deed.)



to make sb or sth seem more important or better than they really are (films which glorify violence)


observe (formal)

to see and notify sth, to say or write what you have noticed about a situation


strike a chord with sb

to do or say something that people will feel it's familiar or true (Many of the things she says will strike a chord with other young women.)


blurt something out

to say sth suddenly and without thinking, usually because you're nervous or excited (Peter blurted the news out before we could stop him.)


to pull sb's leg

to tell sb sth which is not true, as a joke (I haven't won the prize, have I? You're pulling my leg.)


I'd just like to say (sentence)

This phrase introduces a comment that you make in a medium-sized group of people, like at a meeting or a party. Starting with "I'd just like to say" makes the announcement feel more complete. (I'd just like to say that you guys did an absolutely phenomenal job.)


on behalf of (a group of people)

Use this phrase when you want to formally make an announcement that expresses the feelings of a group of people. (On behalf of Tina and myself, thank you so much for agreeing to come speak on such short notice. We and the entire audience really appreciated it.)


good luck (in/at a place)

people also say "Good luck in ___" or "Good luck at ___" when a person is leaving to move to a new place (I'd just like to say, on behalf of everyone here, good luck in your new home.)