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Get a load of this (ph)

you use it when you want someone pay attention to something interesting or exciting (Mike, get a load of this: our friend Frank is being interviewed on the TV news right now!) (Get a load of this: I've just found out that our teacher used to be a professional footballer!)


take a load off your feet (ph)

to sit down and relax (Mike you look excited, Come and sit here. Take a load off your feet.)


full of hot air

When you say someone is full of hot air you mean they talk a lot but are not sincere. (My boss keeps promising to give me a pay rise but the extra money never comes. He is full of hot air!) (Some politicians are full of hot air. They never consider what's best for the nation. Their main concern is what's best for themselves.)


to clear the air

To clear the air means to get rid of tension and hard feelings. (Mary and John are having a chat in the kitchen. He was upset after Mary broke up their engagement and she needed to clear the air.)


In a nutshell

In a nutshell is an expression to use when you want to summarise news or information. (You haven't studied hard enough and did badly in your exams. In a nutshell, you'll have to sit this year's class again next year. ) (Our company didn't sell much and the economy is doing badly. In a nutshell, we are out of business.)


help out

to help someone who's busy or having problems (Do you want me to help you out while your babysitting?)



a legal agreement which allows you to use a building, car, ... for a period of time, in return for rent (The landlord refused to renew his lease.)



hoping to be successful in a particular job, activity or way of life (aspiring young writes)


chasing your tail

to do lots of different things but not achieving anything (I have been chasing my tail all week trying to sort things out. What a waste of time,)


to run like a headless chicken

If you run around like a headless chicken, you use a lot of energy and effort in an attempt to do many things - but without getting any real results. (I've been running around like a headless chicken all day trying to get ready for my holiday, but it's already 7.30pm and I've still got loads to do!)


nosh (n)

food, a meal (He's very hungry, he's eating all his nosh) (V.: to eat or have a meal (Damien Lewis said he's going to nosh before recording.)



when your heart is pounding it's beating very hard and quickly (Oh I was with Damien Lewis in the lift, my heart is still pounding.)


job hopping

to move from job to job (These days there are lots of job hopping with current crisis in global economic.)