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please tell me (clause)

This is an expression that people say when they're worried that they're going to find out about something bad happening. They say "Please tell me" that the bad thing isn't happening.

For example, if there's a guy who you really don't like, but you think that your friend might be attracted to him, you can say:

Please tell me you're not attracted to him.

In the example at top, the speaker uses "please tell me ~" when talking to himself. That's normal too.
You're writing a resume for applying to jobs. You've been working on it for over an hour, but you forgot to save it. The computer program crashed, and now you hope that your work was automatically saved so you don't have to re-write it. You think this to yourself.
Please tell me I don't have to start over from scratch...


every now and then/again

sometimes, bot not often or regularly (After writing A Phrase A Week every week I'm going to give myself a bit of break and from now on There would be A Phrase Every Now and Again.)


abiding (adj.) (written)

lasting (He has a true and abiding love for his family.)


in our midst (formal)

in a particular group (I fear we have an enemy in our midst.)



supervise (A team of experts were chosen to oversee the project.)


wrongdoing (formal)

illegal or immoral behaviour (We observe many wrongdoings by officials and people in authorities.)



1- considerably 2-essentially


draw out

to take money from bank account or something like that (By using substantially useless and no effective official documents, the just draw taxes out from the projects to prepare fund for the next power-ship or leader.)



not knowing fact or information you ought to know (I am sorry to see many ignorant to this fraud.)



to invent a clever story, excuse or plan especially in order to deceive someone (John concocted an elaborate excuse for being late.)


To ask for the moon

To ask for the moon means to make unreasonable demands for things, or to wish for something impossible to achieve or obtain. (Bob's wife is always asking for the moon. He works hard 12 hours a day for poor pay, but she still expects expensive holidays and clothes.

Don't ask for the moon, Mr Jones. Be reasonable, please.)


to promise the moon (to someone)

to make extravagant promises to someone which are difficult to deliver. (My husband promised me the moon when we got married: a big mansion, a flashy car and all the diamonds I could wear. But none of it happened!)



the yellow part in centre of an egg (white, albumin)


sunny-side up

If eggs are cooked sunny-side up, it means they are fried with the yolks facing up. (I'm ready for breakfast. Can I have my eggs sunny-side up and a cup of coffee, please?

Eggs can be boiled, poached, scrambled or fried sunny-side up.)


sunny disposition

If someone is described as being of a sunny disposition, it means they are always cheerful and relaxed. (Everybody loves Harry. He's such a sunny disposition.)


make a beeline for sb or sth (informal)

to go directly and quickly towards sb or sth (When Vin Diesel heard of Paul Walker's car crash he jumped on lane and made a beeline to his mother's house.)



one meaning is hug



extreme sadness especially because someone you love has died (He was really touched after they embraced in grief.)


garner (formal)

to take or collect something,.) especially information or support (His post on facebook has already garnered approximately 5 million likes


cut back

to reduce the size, cost or amount of sth (In order to save for retirement I've been cutting back on lunches out, clothes and entertainment.)



cut, to greatly reduce the size or price of sth



to borrow money from bank etc in order to pay back an existing amount that they owe (Since housing is out largest spending category one of the best ways to cut it back is to refinance the mortgages that you have.)