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decaf coffee

it's coffee without caffeine


just the check please

when you're at a restaurant and waiter asks if you would like anything else you use this sentence. Check means the list of items and the total price to pay.


Actually, I’m still waiting for my side dish.

(at a restaurant when the waiter asks if everything is OK) side dish is a small portion of food that accompanies main meal


To be honest, my food is kinda cold. Could you heat it up?

(at a restaurant when the waiter asks if everything is OK) to be honest is a diplomatic way to introduce a complaint or negative comment


Yes, I’ll have a Caesar salad and then the baked chicken with potatoes.

(at a restaurant when the waiter asks if you're ready to order) The most common way to order food is to say “I’ll have…”


To start off, we’ll split an order of ....

(at a restaurant when the waiter asks if you're ready to order) “To start off” means you are ordering an appetizer (small amount of food eaten before the main meal). “Split” means that two or more people will share/divide one order of food.



a group of baby animals which a mother gives birth to at the same time (This little cub is the only one from a litter of three to survive.) (We have a litter of four kitten everyday in our garden playing and wandering around.)



man or friend (Zookeepers hope that the arrival of this little chap will cause a widespread help to protect the endangered polar bear across the world which the number of them have fallen under 25000.)



a position you stand especially when playing sports (The main point is that why some people prefer a wider squat stance to a narrow squat stance because of their physical body shape.) (When I do the skipping rope, I usually prefer a narrow stance.)



to help sth to more easily (When you can't squat properly fitness coaches often say that your hips are tight and you need to mobilize them.) (My mother usually see a physiotherapist who helps her mobilize her feet when she feel a little uneasy while walking in the streets.)



to make sb believe sth which is not true be giving false information (Don't be misled by his appearances. He works really hard.) (At first when I saw her, fashion style that she chose to wear absolutely misled me. However, after a while I realized that how honest and brilliant person she is.)



sb with a naturally thin body (This got me thinking about how skeletal structure would affect you body type. For example, ectomorph is a girl or boy who is very thin or skinny.)



considerably, very much or a lot (The polar bear population has fallen substantially in the last few years.) (The food prices rose substantially during the sanctions.)



a piece of rope, leather fastened to a dog's collar in order to control it



if sth explodes, it becomes violent and uncontrollable (Sometimes my puppy becomes anxious when other puppies are around and that makes him explode.)