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what are some questions to ask if someone has a spinal tumor

-history cancer? (what type)
-recently lost weight, even though you have not been attempting to eat less or exercise more? (how much)


what are the criteria for cancer in patients

over 50
history cancer
unexplained weight loss
failed to improve with PT


what are some additional questions for a spinal infection

-recently had a fever?
-taken antibiotics or medicines for infections?
-diagnosed with an immunosuppressive disorder
-does your pain ease when in a comfy position?


what are some questions to ask about a spine fracture

-recently had major trauma, MVA, or a fall?
-have you had a medical practitioner tell you you have osteoporosis or other weak bone disorders like hyperparathyroidism, renal failure, chronic GI disorders, long term corticosteroids?


questions to ask about caudal equina

-noticed a recent onset or difficulty with retaining urine, or starting the flow?
- noticed recent need to urinate more frequently?
-noticed a recent onset of numbness in the area of your bottom where you sit on a bike seat?
-legs become weak while walking or climbing stairs?


what are some others areas you need to rule out when dealing with LBP

GI, urogenital, vascular system


how do you screen for colon cancer

-older than 50
-history of colon cancer in immediate family member
-bowel disturbances (rectal bleeding or black stools)
-unexplained weight loss
-back or pelvic pain that is unchanged by position or movement.