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creative outcomes

- fluency
-> # of ideas generated

- flexibility
-> # of categories of ideas referenced

- originality
-> production of ideas that are unique from all other ideas generated for a group of individuals


are creativity and innovation the same thing?

- creativity is the process of forming something that is novel and useful

- innovation is the implementation or production of soemthing new.



a unit of interdependent individuals with complementary skills

- committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals and common expectations, for which they hold themselves accountable


collective mentality

-> make decisions in align with the aim of making everyone's job better


team processes

common plan and purpose

-> teams that establish a clear sense of what needs to be done and how consistently perform better

- effective team show reflexivity, meaning they reflect on and adjust their master plan when necessary


specific goals

- successful teams translate their common purpose into

smar - challenging performance goals


team efficacy

- effective teams have confidence in themselves and believe they can succeed

- management can increase this by
--> gaining relevant experience with the task or job
--> becoming more confident because you see someone else doing the task
--> occurring when a person is more confident because someone convinces him that he has the skills
--> arousal leads to an energized state, driving a person to complete the task


team identity

- your collective self contains characteristics or traits that differentiate in group members from members of relevant out-groups


team cohesion

- degree to which the members of a group desire to remain in the group


mental models

- effective teams share accurate mental models

-> wrong mental models
--> performance suffers, more likely to have conflict


team conflict

- can be task based or relationship based

- teams benefit more from task based as opposed to relationship based conflict

-> different views are discussed
-> differences in approaches can be resolved
-> multiple points of view can be incorporated