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A central issue with the use of computer-based test interpretations is

the accuracy of interpretations


The Flesch reading ease score is calculated using the _____ and the ______

Average sentence length; average syllables per word


Treatment recommendations are more likely NOT to be implemented when recipients are persuaded that

they have no control over treatment decisions


Information in the background information section should be

based on facts rather than opinions


Test scores that do not 'fit' with a psychologist's conclusions should be

included in the report and explained


The average psychologist often writes reports that are

difficult to read


Regardless of the setting, all reports should include

reason for referral, procedures, results and conclusions


The appropriate length for a psychological report

depends on the setting


The most frequent complaint about psychological reports relates to

overuse of psychological jargon


Observations about behaviour contribute to the assessment in which 3 ways?

by supplementing test findings
by contributing to judgments about the validity of test results
by providing examples of behaviour that test findings attempt to explain


In developing a format for reports what goals should you keep in mind?

It should conform to audience expectations
it must communicate results in a way that meets ethical standards
it should be logical and easy for the reader to follow


The more persuasive the report

the more likely its findings will have an impact


The readability score of 11 of the Flsch-Kincaid formula means that

the written text is at an eleventh grade reading level


In Harvey (2006), the average Flesch reading ease score for psychoeducational reports was in which range?

very difficult


Compared to clients who did not receive test feedback, clients who do receive test feedback are

more satisfied with the assessment and showed a decrease in self-reported distress


What is the Flesch reading ease score used for?

to assess the difficulty of adult reading material