a&p airframe oral practice questions

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Wood Structures
1 what species of wood is used as...,
2 is northern white pine an accep...,
3 are knots allowed in aircraft wood
24  cards
Aircraft Coverings
1 what determines the required qu...,
2 when are anti tear strips recom...,
3 what is the maximum permissible...
22  cards
Aircraft Finishes
1 name the safety health precauti...,
2 what primer is used when maximu...,
3 what type of test can be perfor...
26  cards
Sheet Metal & Non-Metallic Structures
1 what is the grip length of a rivet,
2 where are special rivets such a...,
3 what is bonded honeycomb constr...
28  cards
1 what type of weld joint must be...,
2 why must all flux be removed fr...,
3 what must be done to successful...
26  cards
Assembly & Rigging
1 what are three types of commonl...,
2 what is used in large metal air...,
3 what is a fair lead
26  cards
Airframe Inspection
1 what needs to be done to prepar...,
2 what is the difference between ...,
3 who has the authority to sign o...
10  cards
Aircraft Landing Gear Systems
1 what are two sources of power u...,
2 when should landing gear retrac...,
3 what is used to inflate an oleo...
23  cards
Hydrulic & Pneumatic Power Systems
1 what are the three principal ca...,
2 what is the color of mineral ba...,
3 how do you determine which type...
26  cards
Cabin Atmosphere Control Ststems
1 what is the principal control e...,
2 what is the purpose of the nega...,
3 what control changes the positi...
27  cards
Aircraft Instruments
1 what three flight instruments a...,
2 what instrument indications wil...,
3 who is authorized to perform te...
24  cards
Communiciation & Navigation Systems
1 name the basic components of a ...,
2 what is the most common communi...,
3 which radio system is used for ...
24  cards
Aircraft Fuels
1 what is the purpose of a fuel d...,
2 other than reducing weight what...,
3 what are a few types of fuel cells
23  cards
Aircraft Electrical Systems
1 what is the purpose of a circui...,
2 what re the two principles on w...,
3 what tool is used to measure th...
25  cards
Position & Warning Systems
1 what is the purpose of the anti...,
2 what does the anti skid warning...,
3 what troyes of warning devices ...
14  cards
Ice & Rain Control Systems
1 describe the operating principl...,
2 why is it critical to prevent t...,
3 what are two methods of inflati...
22  cards
Fire Protection Systems
1 in what area of an aircraft wou...,
2 what color does a co detector c...,
3 what are two types of smoke det...
23  cards

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a&p airframe oral practice questions

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