a&p (fall 2022)

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A&P Exam 1
What is equilibrium,
Example of equilibrium,
Example of homeostasis
55  cards
Exam 1 extra stuff
Soluble items,
Insoluble items,
What does magnesium do inside the...
29  cards
Exam 2 Neuroanatomy Intro
What are the 3 large arteries sup...,
3 parts of the brain stem,
Which lobes is for hearing
16  cards
Exam 2 Spine anatomy
What nerves control the diaphragm,
Which spinous processes bi fork,
What is the vertebra prominens
56  cards
Exam 2 Spinal cord interior
What are collections of axons gro...,
Afferent tracts are usually____ e...,
What is the main sensory pyramida...
24  cards
Exam 2 Neuro: Spinal Cord Anatomy
What are the 3 spinal meningeal l...,
Collection of nerve roots come fr...,
What is the end of the spinal cor...
100  cards
Exam 2: CNS Circulatory System Meninges
What is the tentorium cerebelli,
What is the average brain mass,
What is the average blood flow to...
60  cards
Exam 2 Cranial Blood flow
What are the 4 brain feed arteries,
What are the 4 brain feed arteries,
Which arteries run through the tr...
49  cards
Exam 2 additional notes
In the cns gaba receptors increas...,
How to treat unbearable cancer pain,
Cerebellar disease will present how
14  cards
Exam 3
What is usually the cause of elms,
What are the anesthetic considera...,
How can elms be treated with 4 5 ...
218  cards
Exam 4
What connects the left atrium to ...,
What sends the signal from the sa...,
What does isotonic contraction re...
196  cards
Exam 4 percentage, numbers, & values
What ml of circulatory blood is i...,
How much blood is in the pulmonar...,
What and ml of pulmonary blood is...
29  cards

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a&p (fall 2022)

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