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Cell Structures and Metabolism
3 major divisions of the living w...,
Plasma membrane function,
Nucleus function
110  cards
Membrane Structure and Function
Outer leaflet,
Inner leaflet,
Leaflets can vary between
67  cards
Passive, Facilitated, and Active Transport
The hydrophobic interior of a lip...,
Cells have specialized to transfe...,
The major classes of membrane tra...
53  cards
Functions of Channels and Transporters
How do ion channels differ from a...,
How many different types of ion c...,
In what types of cells are ion ch...
73  cards
Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Transport Genetics Part 1
Cholesterol is a precursor for 3,
Cholesterol is necessary for,
Cholesterol is a major structural...
61  cards
Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Transport Genetics Part 2
Sodium hexametaphosphate calgon,
Dietary lipids fat have low,
Bile salts act as the to emulsify...
57  cards
Hormones and Receptors
Hypothalamus communicates to the,
The hypothalamus is the control s...,
The hypothalamus produces 3
79  cards
Cell Signaling, Insulin
What is the major metabolic fuel,
How are circulating levels of glu...,
95  cards
Diabetes and its Effect on Metabolism
Diabetes mellitus,
Type 1 diabetes,
Type 2 diabetes
66  cards
Clinical Correlation: Dentistry and Diabetes
Healthy gingiva,
47  cards
Regulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism and Exercise
What systems does exercise involve 4,
What does increased breathing and...,
In response to demand muscles 3
75  cards
Cell Signaling Pathways: Steroid Hormones
What groups can steroids be group...,
What are natural steroid hormones...,
Steroid hormones are lipids which...
73  cards
Cell Signaling Pathways: Steroid Hormones, Vitamin D3
Is vitamin d a hormone or a vitamin,
Sources of vitamin d 2,
Sun as a source of vitamin d
103  cards
Cell Signaling Pathways Growth Factors
What are growth factors,
What are the major types of growt...,
Signaling of growth factors involves
76  cards
Quiz 2
Steroid hormones are synthesized ...,
Steroid hormones act through and ...,
The classical mechanism is throug...
37  cards
Metabolic Disease
What is a metabolic disease,
Metabolic disease can involve,
Thousands of enzymes participate ...
65  cards
Metabolic Disorders of the Thyroid and Adrenal Glands
Metabolic syndrome,
Inborn errors of metabolism rare ...,
Diseases of the thyroid gland 3
74  cards
Bacterial components of dental pl...,
Definition of caries
81  cards
Angiogenesis: Role of VEGF and Hypoxia
Vasculogenesis is often paired with,
Angiogenesis is needed to fully form
85  cards
Overview of Hemostatic Systems
Hemostatic system,
What other systems within the bod...,
3 main stages of the hemostatic s...
103  cards
Cell Adhesion
Tight junction seals,
Adherent junction connects,
Desmosomes connect
75  cards
Blood Coagulation and Wound Healing
What is the process of blood clot...,
Primary homeostasis,
What mediates platelet aggregatio...
53  cards
Blood Coagulation and Wound Healing Part 2
Wound healing,
The classic model of wound healin...,
Hemostasis occurs within
70  cards
Complement System
Innate immune system,
Elements of the innate system inc...,
Adaptive immune system
41  cards
Coagulation: Surgical Prospective
Normal mechanism of hemostasis 3,
What results when a blood vessel ...,
Construction of the injured blood...
118  cards
Innate and Adaptive Immunity 1
Immune system,
Innate immune system,
Elements of the innate immune sys...
80  cards
Innate and Adaptive Immunity Part 2
What are the components of galt,
What are the components of nalt,
Rodents lack tonsils but do have ...
91  cards
DNA/RNA and DNA Replication
Francis crick a graduate student ...,
Watson s and crick s model of dna...,
Watson s and crick s model provid...
92  cards
How Do genes Direct the Production of Proteins
Cells achieve their specialized f...,
Dna is into rna which is into pro...,
In prokaryotes when do transcript...
83  cards
Regulation of Gene Expression
A gene is defined as a,
All letters in a gene name is,
Human gene names are designated w...
37  cards
Important concepts of embryonic d...,
Regional determination,
Signal proteins that are used ove...
46  cards
Protein Synthesis and Protein Function
What do ribosomes contain,
Ribosomes are assembled in the,
Unlike other organelles the nucle...
81  cards
DNA Repair and How do Mutations Occur?
Types of genetic diseases 4,
Chromosome disorders 4,
Single gene disorders 3
92  cards
How Do Mutations Affect Health and Tooth Development
Continuum of diseases,
The new hgmd professional release...,
Loss of function mutation
91  cards
How do Mutations Affect Health and Craniofacial Development
Mutations are an important cause of,
The average child is born with an...,
In infants is born with a diagnos...
81  cards
Cell Cycle Control and Cell Division
The cell cycle involves dna repli...,
The cell cycle control system tri...,
As the cell cycle proceeds a seri...
82  cards
Cell Cycle Control and Cell Division Part 2
G1 s checkpoint 1,
Pass g1 s checkpoint,
G2m checkpoint 2
57  cards
Genetics of Cancer: Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors
Types of genetic diseases 4,
Chromosome disorders 4,
Single gene disorders 3
108  cards
Anticancer Therapies Radiation and Drugs
Key properties of cancer cell 2,
Tumors or neoplasms are abnormal ...,
Tumors are considered if the neop...
105  cards
Collagen Structure and Function
Other ecm components are utilized...,
Types of fibrous proteins 2,
Structural fibrous porteins provi...
107  cards
Collagen Structure and Function Part 2
Osteogenesis imperfecta is a disease,
Osteogenesis imperfect,
How many people does oi affect in...
83  cards
Tissue Osteoblasts Osteocytes Osteoclasts
Three main bone cell types,
To repair damage bone is continua...,
Osteoblasts chondrocytes myoblast...
129  cards
Chondrocytes and TMJ
What is cartilage,
Is cartilage vascular,
Cartilage has limited capacity
127  cards
Biology of Fracture Healing
Who does osteoporosis affect,
Osteoporosis is a major medical p...
131  cards
Hormonal Control of Calcium and Phosphorus: Part 1
Why are we interested incalcium a...,
Ca2 ions critical to many cellula...,
Phosphorus critical to many cellu...
105  cards
Hormonal Control of Calcium and Phosphate: Part 2
141  cards
Electrical synapses,
What do chemical synapses release,
Chemical synapses specify
75  cards
Neuromuscular Control
Divisions of the peripheral nervo...,
Afferent 2,
Afferents to the cns 2
30  cards
Pain Anesthesia Analgesia
Any pain of moderate or higher in...,
89  cards
Neurotransmitters Part 2
Example of metabotropic receptor,
B1 greater affinity than,
Termination of transmitter action 3
24  cards
Orofacial Pain
Structures in the oral cavity and...,
Is the most prevalent pain in the...,
Reported a history of toothache i...
59  cards
Types of Pain
Examples of nociceptive pain 4,
Neuropathic pain
7  cards

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