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Edward VI: Royal Authority
How was edward added to the succe...,
Where did the power lie,
How old was edward
7  cards
Edward VI: Government under Somerset
Who did somerset appoint to the p...,
What were the complications of so...,
Who did somerset appoint to contr...
6  cards
Edward VI: Religion under Somerset
What was the general movement of ...,
What changes occurred under somerset,
Denunciation of images in london
8  cards
Edward VI: Economy under Somerset
What 3 problems plagued somersets...,
Inflationary pressures,
Agrarian issues
4  cards
Edward VI: Rebellions - Ketts and Western
What two rebellions occured,
Western prayer book causes,
How was the western prayer book d...
5  cards
Edward VI: Foreign policy under Somerset
Countries concerning foreign policy,
What was somersets aim with scotland,
Somersets strategy to achieve his...
8  cards
Edward VI: Fall of Somerset
Reasons for somersets downfall,
Events leading up to his downfall
2  cards
Edward VI: Government under Nothumberland
Impact of the coup against somerset,
Somersets second coup,
Impact of somersets second coup
5  cards
Edward VI: Religion under Northumberland
What were northumberlands aims re...,
What was an enabling factor in pu...,
Reasons for a more radical approach
5  cards
Edward VI: Economy under Northumberland
What did northumberland bring to ...,
Methods used to reform the economy,
Why was ending the scottish frenc...
7  cards
Edward VI: Foreign policy under Northumberland
Factors influencing northumberlan...,
French scotland,
3  cards
Edward VI: Succession crisis
Overview of events,
Northumberlands plan,
Failure of the plan
4  cards
Mary I: Royal authority & Spanish marriage
Events regarding marys accession,
Who was marys accession most favo...,
What was marys policy regarding g...
8  cards
Mary I: Wyatt Rebellion
Causes of the wyatt rebellion,
Significance of the rebellion
4  cards
Henry VIII: Character, Legacy and aims
Words to describe henry viiis cha...,
Henry viiis aims,
What did henry vii inherit
15  cards
Henry VIII: Government - Rise of Wolsey
Factors in wolseys rise to power,
13  cards
Henry VIII: Government - Wolsey's legal reforms
Factors involving wolseys legal p...,
What did wolseys appointment as l...,
What did wolsey preside over
20  cards
Mary I: Religious Reforms
What occurred at the beginning of...,
What was marys main aims regardin...,
What were the problems for mary i...
24  cards
Henry VIII: Wolsey's financial reforms
What were wolseys aims,
Factors involved in wolseys finan...,
When was the act of resumption pa...
20  cards
Henry VIII: Wolsey's Economic reforms
What did wolsey attempt to tackle,
When was the national enquiry int...,
What was the national enquiry int...
9  cards
Henry VIII: Wolsey's Religious Reforms
What was the condition of the chu...,
What caused a heightened exposure...,
Who translated parts of the bible...
9  cards
Henry VIII: Wolsey's fall from power
What are the factors in wolseys f...,
Foreign and domestic policy failures,
Failure to achieve the kings annu...
16  cards
Henry VIII: Overview of the Church
Where did the church receive its ...,
What does catholic belief state y...,
What does catholic belief state o...
28  cards
Henry VIII: Reasons for the Annulment
3 causes,
What had henrys marriage with cat...,
Why was the only living heir to t...
8  cards
Henry VIII: Government - Thomas Cromwell
What did cromwell focus on rather...,
Who was cromwell appointed to ori...,
What was henry viii impressed by
7  cards
Henry VIII: Government - Constitutional changes under Cromwell
What is constitution,
What made henry head of the churc...,
What parts of the country did cro...
8  cards
Henry VIII: Government - Political changes under Cromwell
Where was less emphasis placed up...,
Where was more emphasis placed up...,
When was parliament used most often
7  cards
Henry VIII: Government - Bureaucratic Changes under Cromwell
What bureaucratic changes did cro...,
What did cromwell mark,
How many people were originally p...
22  cards
Elizabeth I: Religious Settlement
What were the two key aspects of ...,
What was there no doubt of regard...,
What type of church did elizabeth...
28  cards
Elizabeth I: Government - Key Ministers and the Privy Council
Who were the key ministers under ...,
What posts did william cecil hold,
Significance of william cecil
17  cards
Elizabeth I: Government - Parliament functions and relationships
What were the 3 functions of parl...,
How many acts laws were passed by...,
What were the most important acts...
13  cards
Elizabeth I: Religion - Protestant challenges to the Settlement
What did puritans seek,
What did the queen want,
What was the cause of purtian eme...
47  cards
Elizabeth I: Religion - Catholic challenges to the Settlement
What was elizabeth willing to acc...,
What type of fines did the 1559 a...,
How did english catholics survive as
16  cards
Elizabeth I: Foreign policy - Spain 1558-1570
What were relations like in the 1...,
What are the reasons for anglo sp...,
What did john hawkins attempt to ...
10  cards
Elizabeth I: Foreign policy - Spain 1570-1588
When did the expulsion of the sea...,
What was a result of the expulsio...,
What occurred in 1576 following t...
24  cards
Elizabeth I: Society - Poor Relief
What was the 1572 act,
What was the 1576 poor law,
What did the 1572 and 1576 acts do
15  cards
Henry VII: Consolidation of Power
Why was it crucial that henry con...,
Name at least 5 methods henry use...,
How did predating his reign enabl...
3  cards

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