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Causes of the Wyatt Rebellion


Main cause was the Spanish marriage and the potential complications it could have caused

However, also included:

  • Religious motives, many rebels came from a Protestant stronghold (Maidstone)
  • Xenophobia (Dislike of the Spanish)
  • Decline in Cloth industry prompted poorer rebels into displaying social and economic grievances
  • Gentry who lost office
  • Wanted Mary out of power, however Lady Jane Grey’s father got involved and many thought it was to reinstate Jane Grey - people would have preferred Elizabeth



There were many minor rebellions at this time, all limited in support and significance

The biggest was Wyatt’s rebellion in Kent, 3,000 men raised


Significance of the Rebellion

  • Showed that the protestant minority couldnt be ignored
  • Demonstrated popular suspicion to the Spanish marriage
  • Resulted in the execution of Jane Grey due to her fathers involvement
  • Imprisonment of Elizabeth, no councillor wanted to implicate her due to the likelihood of her becoming Queen
  • Duke of Norfolk’s forced were not close & Wyatt managed to maintain support throughout the rebellion

Norwich during the rebellion


Norwich had been rebellious in 1549 (Ketts rebellion) and had been destroyed - they stated they felt that they would be:

‘Stuck in the sewers while the Spanish lived in their homes, being their slaves’

Norwich didn’t rebel during this period - indicates effectiveness of putting down Kett’s rebellion

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