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Chemical Structures (Biochem II written)
106  cards
Which types of substances tend to...,
Non water soluble
59  cards
Compositions of the cell membrane
64  cards
Amino Acids & Proteins
Structure of proteins influences,
All peptides polypeptides and pro...,
How many alpha amino acids are us...
61  cards
Structural Proteins
List the intracellular structural...,
List the extracellular structural...,
36  cards
Enzyme definition,
The term enzyme was created by,
Eduard buchner discovered
95  cards
Nucleotide metabolism (- Pathways)
Bond type
49  cards
DNA: Structure and function, replication
Bond found between two nucleotides,
Primary structure of dna,
3 end of the nucleotide
112  cards
What is transcription,
Role of the coding sense strand i...,
Role of the non coding antisense ...
93  cards
What is needed for translation,
Function of mrna
48  cards
Intermediary Metabolism
What is intermediary metabolism,
42  cards
Function of carbohydrates,
Give the categories of carbohydrate,
Give the classifications of monos...
120  cards
Citrate cycle, respiratory chain & oxidative phosphorylation
Citric acid cycle is localised in...,
Which enzymes regulate the citric...,
Give the energy gain of the citri...
23  cards
Pentose phosphate pathway
Summarise the pentose phosphate p...,
Give the primary functions of the...,
Which reactions utilise a large a...
23  cards
Amino acid metabolism
64  cards
Hemoglobin, Porphyrine, Iron metabolism
Composition of haemogolobin,
Give the systematic name of haem,
Which functional group is circled
29  cards
Lipid Metabolism
Title the figure,
70  cards
Pathway reactions
1 structure 1 enzyme requirec,
1 structure and 1 enzyme required,
1 structure and 1 enzyme required
125  cards
Lipid pathways
Name the pathway,
Process 1,
Compound a
58  cards
Nucleotide Metabolism
Bond type
150  cards
Past Exam Questions (Midterm II)
What is regulating the urea cycle,
How much energy is produced by th...,
Which cycle creates nadph
103  cards

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