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Exam 2 Lecture 24 Cellular Membrane Structure
What are the 2 basic components o...,
The base component is the _,
Integral membrane proteins are mo...
35  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 23 Lipids
Lipids are,
The polar head on a fa is,
The nonpolar tail of a fa is
28  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 22 PP Pathway
If we have g6p and the enzyme g6p...,
If we have g6p and the enzyme pho...,
The _ phase makes nadph
42  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 21 Regulation of OxPhos
In regulation of oxphos e s flows...,
What are the 2 factors that gover...,
Peter mitchell suggested the chem...
32  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 20 OxPhos
What are the 2 membrane systems o...,
Why is the outer membrane permeable,
Why is the inner membrane imperme...
42  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 19 Citric Acid Cycle
Tca takes place where,
Tca cycle does what to carbon fuels,
T f tca cycle is amphibolic
63  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 18 Glycogen Metabolism II
Regulation of glycogen metabolism...,
The 2 key enzymes for glycogen me...,
The 2 key enzymes for glycogen me...
50  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 17 Glycogen Metabolism I
The structure of glycogen is a lo...,
Glucose molecules within linear c...,
Branched points formed via _ bond...
52  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 16 Gluconeogenesis
Whole body needs about _ g glucos...,
Daily glucose requirement of brai...,
Glucose present in body fluids is...
50  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 15 Glycolysis
Glycolysis occurring in the absen...,
Glycolysis metabolizes anaerobic ...,
Glycolysis metabolizes aerobic 1 ...
78  cards
Exam 2 lecture 14 Carbohydrates
Constitutional isomers order of a...,
Tautomers are _ isomers,
What are the carbohydrate tautomers
64  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 13 Enzyme Kinetics
A linear kinetic trend describes,
A hyperbolic kinetic trend describes,
A sigmoidal kinetic trend describes
43  cards
Exam 1 Lectures 11-12
In catalysis what does the cataly...,
From td perspective how do we ove...,
What is the risk of raising the t...
77  cards
Define the rxn nucleophilic subst...,
Define the rxn nucleophilic addition,
Define the rxn carbonyl condensation
62  cards
Lecture 7
What are the 3 components of the ...,
How does improper degradation con...,
How does improper localization co...
25  cards
Exam 1 Lectures 6
The chou fasman method predicts,
Frequency f,
Propensity p
32  cards
Exam 1 Lectures 4-5
What is the backbone structure of...,
What is the pka for carboxyl to l...,
What is the pka for amine to lose h
97  cards
Amino Acids
Ph pka,
Ph pka
17  cards
Exam 1 Lectures 1-3
Properties of a covalent bond inc...,
Properties of a non covalent bond,
Covalent bonds make molecules t f
103  cards
Exam 3 Transport through Membranes I ACTIVE
Small and hydrophobic how likely ...,
Small and polar how likely to cro...,
Large and polar how likely to cro...
37  cards
Exam 3 Transport through Membranes II PASSIVE
Digitalis and oubain bind to _ si...,
Factors influencing simple diffus...,
Factors influencing simple diffus...
33  cards
Exam 3 Lipid Metabolism I part a
What is the major source of carbo...,
Fa synthesis occurs primarily in ...,
Fa synthesis requires coordinatio...
37  cards
Exam 3 Lipid Metabolism I part b
Elongation happens where,
Fa are lengthened _ carbons at a ...,
What is the enzyme for elongation
31  cards
Exam 3 Lipid Metabolism II
Where are tags stored,
What are the 3 major lipases,
What stimulate hsls
76  cards
Exam 3 Nucleic Acid Structure and Function
What are the 3 parts to a nucleotide,
Nucleotides have _ whereas nucleo...,
What is the pka of po4
51  cards
Exam 3 Mutations
What does induced mutations mean ...,
What does base analog do,
What does alkylating agents do
27  cards
Exam 3 Nucleotide Metabolism (RNA)
2 carbon on the 5 membrane ring s...,
All nucleoside x phosphates are,
The precursor for all nucleotides
44  cards
Exam 3 Nucleotide Metabolism (DNA)
Dntps synthesis overview,
What is the enzyme that will redu...,
How does ribonucleotide reductase...
42  cards
Exam 3 AA Metabolism I (breakdown)
What are the 2 sources for protei...,
Once we steal the amino group fro...,
What is the fate of the carbon sk...
60  cards
Exam 3 AA Metabolism II (synthesis)
What are the metabolites from gly...,
What are the metabolites from tca...,
What are the metabolites from pp ...
39  cards
Exam 3 Integration of Metabolism
Aas are _ into acetyl coa,
Carbohydrates are digested into m...,
Fas undergo _ into acetyl coa
58  cards
Exam 3 Nutrition and Diet
What is nutrition,
What is diet,
What is wellness
39  cards

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