biology (mona)

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What is biology
21  cards
Scientific Method
8 steps of the scientific method,
What is a hypothesis,
What gives the starting point for...
19  cards
Cell Structure
What is the cell,
Differences between animal and pl...,
Cell ultrastructure
89  cards
Cell continuity
Cell continuity,
Where is most of the dna in the c...
66  cards
Cell Diversity
What does cell differentiation le...,
Why does cell differenciation lea...,
What is the name for the fact tha...
26  cards
Movement through cell membranes
3 processes that move substances ...,
Diffusion definition,
Why does diffusion not require en...
34  cards
Food (Biomolecules)
3 functions of food,
What does food need to provide en...,
What is growth of new cells neede...
116  cards
Cell metabolism
2 examples of catabolic reactions
84  cards
What is respiration,
What food is mainly broken down b...,
How is respiration carried out
89  cards
What do autotrophs make their own...
132  cards
The circulatory system
What is the name of the human tra...,
What is the circulatory system ma...,
What is the blood system made up of
206  cards
3 organs of excretion,
2 things the lungs excrete
46  cards
Classification of organisms
5 kingdoms,
2 descriptions of monera,
Example of monera
36  cards
Kingdom Monera - Bacteria
2 characteristics of kingdom monera,
Bacteria belongs to
66  cards
Kingdom Fungi
3 types of fungi,
Are fungi pro or eukaryotic,
Size of fungi
74  cards
How could one see a virus,
What specific type of nutrition d...,
What does it mean that they are o...
32  cards
Which kingdom do amoeba belong to,
2 characteristics of amoeba,
Habitat of most amoeba
14  cards
Kingdom Plantae
Classification of flowering plants,
How many cotyledons in the seed i...
42  cards
The Flowering Plant
Where does growth of the flowerin...,
Where are meristems found
61  cards
Transport, Nutrition and Gas exchange in flowering plants
4 materials transported in plants,
Where and how is absorption of h2o,
2 ways root epidermal cells ares ...
37  cards
What do all cell activities require,
What happens in photosynthesis,
Plants that photosynthesise
79  cards
5 things animals respond to,
3 ways in which animals respond,
4 things that animals need to car...
55  cards
The Nervous System
Function of the nervous system an...,
Quickest means of communication w...,
2 parts of the human nervous system
132  cards
Endocrine system
Endocrine system,
Endocrine gland 2
87  cards
Immune system
3 pathogen that animals must prot...,
Function of the defence system,
3 things which the general defenc...
60  cards
Human reproduction
What does sexual reproduction in ...,
Male gamete,
Female gamete
80  cards
Sexual Reproduction in the Flowering Plant
Which part of the plant is specia...,
When do gamete nuclei fuse and wh...
164  cards
Genetics 1
40  cards
Genetics 2
F2 in dihybrid cross,
Name mendels second law
5  cards
DNA/RNA/Protein Synthesis
Units of dna,
3 components of a nucleotide
103  cards
DNA profiling
Dna profiling,
Other name for dna profiling,
5 steps in preparing a dna profile
51  cards
Breathing/Gaseous Exchange
Where does gas exchange occur in ...,
4 ways in which the lungs are ada...
52  cards
What does evolution lead to,
What may bring on evolution
38  cards
The Eye
Sensory receptors,
What do the receptors do,
What do nerve impulses do
53  cards
The Ear + The skin
2 functions of the ear,
3 parts of a mammalian ear,
3 parts of the outer ear
57  cards
The Skeleton, Muscles and Movement
What do the skeleton and muscles ...,
What controls the musculoskeletal...,
Endoskeleton is made of
137  cards
Principles of Ecology
170  cards
6 ecosystems in ireland,
Most common type of grassland in ...
67  cards

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