ecu craniofacial anomalies + laryngeal rehab

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Anatomy and Physiology
What are the facial landmarks,
What is the area in front of inci...,
The soft palate attaches posterio...
14  cards
Lecture 2 review
What embryological process create...,
Fusion means,
What develops in the fourth week ...
9  cards
Lecture 1 review
The midline groove superior to th...,
Nasal septum made of __________ _...,
What are the 6 primary vp muscles
9  cards
Team Care, Surgical Repair, and feeding
Who is typically on a team,
What is the minimum members for a...,
What are the advantages of team c...
23  cards
1.1 - Anatomy & Physiology
What are the 7 facial landmarks,
What is the nasal tip,
What is the alar base
93  cards
1.2 - Embryology + Anamolies
What is an embryo 2,
What is a fetus how does it diffe...,
How large is an embryo at 4 weeks
68  cards
1.3 - Cleft Lip +/- Palate
What kind of disorder is cleft li...,
How frequently do clefts occur,
How many clefts are lip only how ...
39  cards
1.4 - Syndromes Associated with Cleft
How many syndromes are associated...,
Name 7 syndromes associated with ...,
What is trisomy 13
46  cards
2.1 - Team Care
Who is generally on a cleft palat...,
Who are the minimum professionals...,
Who created the parameters of car...
28  cards
2.2 - Dental/Orthodontic Problems + Mangement
What services does a pediatric de...,
What services does a orthodontist...,
What services does a prosthodonti...
27  cards
2.3 - Audiology
What happens audiologically in ch...,
What type of hearing loss tends t...,
What are 3 outer ear pathologies ...
17  cards
2.4 - Surgery
What does a plastic craniofacial ...,
Will plastic craniofacial surgeon...,
When does the primary first lip s...
42  cards
2.5 - Feeding
What are the 10 guidelines for in...,
How is the goal for a coordinated...,
When is a pre natal pharyngeal sw...
77  cards
2.6 - Psychological, Social, + Developmental Issues
Is the individuals with cleft pal...,
What does cleft palates and lips ...,
Does having a cleft lip and plate...
7  cards
2.6a - Time for Surgery
What are the pre surgical feeding...,
What are the pre surgical feeding...,
Why do we use solo brand cups bef...
5  cards
2.7 Developmental Aspects
In regards to developmental aspec...,
In regards to developmental aspec...,
In regards to developmental aspec...
8  cards
3.1 Intro
What are the high incidence problems,
What are the low incidence problems,
_________ supply of patients to a...
37  cards
3.2 Velopharyngeal Function
There are approximately ____ soun...,
Speech sounds are learned from th...,
What does a simple p require
12  cards
3.3 Velopharyngeal Dysfunction
What is vp incompentency,
What is vp insufficiency,
What is vp inadequacy or dysfunction
19  cards
3.4 Causes of Velopharyngeal Dysfunction
What are the organic causes of hy...,
What are the non organic causes o...,
What are the causes of hyponasali...
23  cards
3.5 Evaluation Protocol
What is the clinical paradigm 3,
Do we always use the clinical par...,
What is the evaluation protocol o...
89  cards
3.6 Therapy
A brief cleft palate primer 4,
When is therapy indicated 5,
When is therapy not indicated 3
10  cards
3.7 Types of Obligatory Errors
What is hypernasality 2,
What is hyponasality,
What is audible nasal air escape
10  cards
3.8 Types of Compensatory Errors
What are compensatory maladaptive...,
How is a glottal stop produced ho...,
What is the definition of a glott...
22  cards
3.9 Type of Treatment Model
Appropriate therapy strategies fo...,
Feedback should be ______________...,
How do you facilitate articulatio...
15  cards
3.9b Facilitating Techniques
Anterior posterior nasal fricatives,
Anterior posterior nasal fricatives,
Anterior posterior nasal fricatives
24  cards
3.9C Therapy Continuum
0  cards
4.1 Laryngectomy, Trachs, and Vents
Insert censored picture of larynx...,
Same as slide 4,
Insert picture on slide 5
11  cards
4.2 Laryngeal Cancer
What is the most common treatment...,
What adult age range typically fo...,
What gender is most likely to get...
29  cards
4.3 Treatment for Cancer
What are the treatments for cancer,
How many treatments of radiation ...,
A radiation oncologist prescribes...
38  cards
4.4 SLP's role
What are the first two roles for ...,
What should slps ask to gather pa...,
What should you do during preoper...
7  cards
4.5 Alaryngeal Speech Options
What are the 4 major systems of s...,
What changes occur in a laryngect...,
What is a pneumatic device
28  cards
5.1 Tracheostomy
What is the first step of the res...,
What is the second step of the re...,
What is the third step of the res...
27  cards
5.2 Complications of laryngectomies
What are the complications that c...,
What is the mortality rate of a t...,
What populations have a better op...
5  cards
5.3 Treatment and intervention
What are the things that we need ...,
Post surgery care also includes _...,
What kind of care do we give to t...
42  cards

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