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What are the first two roles for SLPs?

- Patient Report/interview
- Education


What should SLPs ask to gather patient history?

slide 36 ( alot of info)


What should you do during preoperative counseling?

- Establish relationship and provide support and reassurance for pt. and family; be positive; identify their insurance
- Provide written material
- Review surgery - explaining what they think is going to happen during the surgery and then I fill in the gaps
- Review changes to breathing and talking
- Discuss postoperative speech options
- Indirect assessment
- Oral Mech
- Assess any cognitive or physical limitations
- Asses environment and communication partners


What do you do during post operative counseling?

- Answer questions
- Review speech options
- Laryngectomy vistor
- Oral Mech
- Review changes
- Start implementing speech options, when??
- Help them deal with issues that arise


What are the three post surgery issues?

- Some may have a stoma vent to keep stoma open and big
- Bathing/hygiene issues
- Humidification programs


What are the bathing/hygiene issues?

Shower preferred; don't lock door, shower shield, shampoo at salon


What are the humification programs?

Increase water, decrease diuretics, saline rinses, steamers