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Chapter 1 - Introduction to Research and EBMgt
Always listen to your intuitiontr...,
Two things to develop expert skil...,
Is intuition the most important
31  cards
Chapter 2 - The Scientific Approach
Stakeholders are,
Identifying stakeholders,
What to consider with stakeholders
92  cards
Chapter 3 & 4 - Problem Definition and Research Questions
Useful questions to assess the po...,
In order to assess the value of i...,
In a situation where a manager is...
29  cards
Additional Study
A messy management objective
1  cards
Practice Test 1 Ch: 1-4
All the following are ethical con...,
Professor kahn wants to research ...,
All the following are reasons for...
25  cards
Chapter 6 - Theoretical Framework and Hypotheses
Identify the iv dv moderator and ...,
A theoretical framework is the fo...,
Theoretical framework
41  cards
Chapter 7 - Research Design
The research trinity,
Research design,
Purpose of study
33  cards
Chapter 11 - Experimental Designs
Establishing a causal relation,
Extent of researcher interference,
Extent of researcher interference
52  cards
Chapter 12 & 13 - Measurement of Variables
Four levels of measurement,
Categorical levels of measurement,
86  cards
Chapter 14 - Sampling
55  cards
Practice Test 2 Ch: 6, 7, 11, 14, 12 & 13
Which of the following is not par...,
A marketing researcher tested the...,
The statement an advertisement co...
21  cards
Chapter 8 & 9 - Data Collection Methods I
Primary sources of data,
Two types of data collection,
Qualitative data collection
48  cards
Chapter 10 - Data Collection Methods II
5 general steps to producereliabl...,
Principles of wording of the ques...
31  cards
Chapter 15 & 16 - Quantitative Data Analysis I & II & III
Think of an evaluation study invo...,
Think of an evaluation study invo...,
Think of an evaluation study invo...
106  cards
Chapter 17 - Qualitative Data Analysis
Engagement prosocial emotion,
Engagement attunement to target s...
32  cards
Chapter 18 & 19 - Conclusions and The Research Report
Drafting conclusions,
25  cards
Practice Test 3 Ch: 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19
Warren is planning to conduct mar...,
Carol is interviewing employees o...,
As the pei bioscience industry st...
29  cards
Test 1 GPT Questions
Which of the following is not a s...,
Which of the following is not a p...
118  cards
Test 2 GPT Questions
In academic research the process ...,
Which of the following is crucial...,
The process of conceptualizing va...
135  cards
Test 3 GPT Questions
James is gathering data on consum...,
Maria is conducting research on w...,
Kevin is interviewing different m...
174  cards

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