introduction to animal science

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Introduction to Animal Science
What do animals provide,
What is biomedical research,
What does animal science contribute
48  cards
Sex Classes
Horse species,
Sheep species,
Pig species
64  cards
What is domestication,
What does it mean for an animal t...,
What is a characteristic of domes...
92  cards
Scientific name
Domesticated chicken,
Wild chicken
16  cards
Nutrition and Digestive Physiology
What is nutrition,
What is digestion,
What is a nutrient
89  cards
Comparative Anatomy
Carnivore stomach,
Omnivore stomach,
Ruminant stomach
25  cards
Nutrition and Feed Resources
What is the body composition of a...,
What do animals require,
What are the nutrient classes
154  cards
Female Reproduction
What is estrus,
What is ovulation,
What is follicle
56  cards
Female Reproductive Chart
Estrous cycle of a cow,
Estrous cycle of a ewe,
Estrous cycle of a mare
18  cards
Male Reproduction
What are the functions of the tes...,
Function of the epididymis,
Function of the scrotum
109  cards
What is genetics,
What are ways genetic improvement...,
What is chester white
134  cards
Sheep and Goats
What is a group of sheep called,
Why are sheep among the earliest ...,
What products do sheep produce
112  cards
What is the leading dairy breed,
What percentage of fluid milk is ...,
What has happened to cow populati...
124  cards
Beef Cattle
Parturition of cattle,
Intact male cattle,
Castrated male cattle
124  cards
Mature male equine,
Mature female equine,
Castrated male equine
139  cards
Cattle and Equine reproduction lengths
Cattle estrous cycle,
Horse estrous cycle,
Cattle estrus
7  cards
Breeds - Equine, Cattle
Milking shorthorn
33  cards
Poultry - Avian
Mature male chicken,
Mature female chicken,
Castrated male chicken
116  cards
What is the most consumed meat in...,
Intact male swine,
Mature female swine
78  cards
What was the first animal domesti...,
What animal is considered the mos...,
What countries lead in dog popula...
151  cards
Exam Questions Review
Among the seven criteria for dome...,
What are the selective antibiotic...,
What is a chemical substance abso...
140  cards

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