low yield semmelweis

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Basics of Surgery - Written
Wiener knot is fast to make and i...,
Write the missing words on the do...,
How do we distinguish between dif...
107  cards
Basics of Surgery - Oral topics
List the periods of the history o...,
When was the ether day who did an...,
When and by whom was the chlorina...
112  cards
Basics of Surgery - Instruments and sutures and stuff
What suture advantage disadvantag...,
How are you supposed to hold skiz...,
Whats this which group
81  cards
Medical Psychology 2020+2019 Questions
What is transference and countert...,
What is motivational interview,
Name three techniques to reduce n...
81  cards
Z.D Medical Psychology 2019 MCQ
What is not an anxiety disorder,
Which of these are true,
Percentage dying of anorexia with...
15  cards
Z.D Medical Psychology
Panic disorder and treatment,
Response prevention erp,
5 stages of dying phases of grief
24  cards
Medical Imaging - Anatomy Part
49  cards
Medical Imaging - Biophysics Part
Cat scan tomographies are taken i...,
The position of spectral lines of...,
What is the unit of mass attenuat...
95  cards
Pharma Drug Doses
28  cards
Tia's Deck USMLE
Difficulty sleeping,
Pain after delivery,
New house after painting child wi...
311  cards
Pharma List A
All prodrugs of ace i except,
Which drug u won t give together ...,
Which drug has the following ci h...
105  cards
Pharma List B
Which drug must be administrated ...,
Which drug can cause hernia among...,
Which opioids is used by gynecolo...
59  cards
Immuno Practice Questions (Midterm Week 9)
Main functions of basophil granul...,
The afferent lymph vessles in spl...,
Ifn gamma is characterized by a a...
130  cards
ECG Theory Notes
At normal paper speed of 25mm s h...,
At normal paper speed of 25mm s h...,
How can we calculate the bpm if w...
171  cards
ECG Protocol
What is the first parameter to be...,
What is the second parameter to b...,
What is the third parameter to be...
13  cards
Lectures Pathophys Questions
What are the consequences of righ...,
What are the consequences of left...,
Definition of shock
209  cards
Hematology - From Slides
How many red blood cells i am pro...,
What is the number of rbc lost in...,
What is the number of wbc lost in...
91  cards
Anamnesis - English to German
Good morning afternoon i am,
I am a third year medicalstudent,
What is your name
146  cards
Anamnesis - English to Hungarian
Good morning afternoon i am,
I am a third year medicalstudent,
What is your name
170  cards
Pinguecula is an overgrowth of va...,
Pterygium is a malignant tumor of...,
Vernal conjunctivitis typically a...
104  cards
Endocrine MCQs
Patient with adrenal hypofunction...,
Cause of chronic primary adrenal ...,
Treatment of hypothyroidism inclu...
44  cards
Pathophys-Written Questions - Semester 1
37 immediate compensation mechani...,
93 what are the features of celia...,
17 as a result of prolonged hyper...
551  cards
Pathophys-Written Questions - Semester 2
1 which of the following causes v...,
2 which one of the following is c...,
3a folate deficiency may cause a ...
294  cards
Pathology Department 2 Definitions
211  cards
Histopathology Slides and Hallmarks
In breast,
In esophagus,
In thyroid
104  cards
Pathology dep.2 Practice Questions - Semester 1
Typical change in malignant renal...,
Kidney biopsy can diagnose this d...,
Budd chiari syndrome revolves aro...
465  cards
Pathology dep.2 Practice Questions - Semester 2
Benign tumors in the lungs are mo...,
Etiology of peptic ulcer 2 answer...,
Well differentiated squamous cell...
288  cards
Genetics - Practice Questions
Polydactyly extra finger is a dom...,
Which of the following defines th...,
Myotonic dystrophy may show incre...
90  cards
Microbiology - Semester 1 Minimum Questions
What is the vector of borrelia re...,
What kind of diseases can be caus...,
Which bacterium is the leading ca...
180  cards
Microbiology - Semester 2 Minimum Questions
What are the fungal cell componen...,
Classification the fungi by morph...,
Characterisation of the dimorphic...
139  cards
Bacteriology - General and Diagnostics
Sterilisation chemical,
Comparison of prokaryotes and euk...,
Exotoxins inhibition of neurotran...
504  cards
Bacteriology - Not on Sketchy
Three examples for other cougulas...,
S hemolyticustransmission and res...,
S hemolyticuslab diagnosis
142  cards
Virology, Mycology and Parasitology - Not on Sketchy
What are the benefits of penicill...,
What is the name of the fungus th...,
Name penicillium fungi that produ...
97  cards
Clinical Microbiology
Skin infections a few examples gram,
Skin infections a few examples gram,
Wounds infections a few examples ...
300  cards
Sterptogramins quinupristin dalph...,
Cephalosporins side effects
84  cards
Hematology - Histological Slides
Myeloid lineagewhat type of cell ...,
Hematology important cells,
Erythrocyte alterations
44  cards
Endocrinology and Toxicology - Drugs Overview
Cyanide poisoning what are the po...,
Cyanide poisoning treatment mecha...,
Cyanide poisoning treatment mecha...
90  cards

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