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Bacterial Taxonomy
What are the 4 steps to the gram ...,
Why we use the gram stain,
What color are the gram positive ...
41  cards
Cell Structures - Virulence Factors And Toxins
What kinds of flagella can bacter...,
What is the structure by which th...,
Does shigella have flagella
33  cards
Bacterial Genetics
What is the bacterial chromosome,
What are the 4 ways by which bact...,
What is necessary for a transform...
24  cards
Penicillin Family Antibiotics
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What do all penicillin family ant...,
What is necessary for a beta lact...
60  cards
Anti-Ribosomal Antibiotics
What are the 5 major antibiotics ...,
What is the stucture of the bacte...,
What is the only anti ribosomal d...
13  cards
What discoloration do alpha hemol...,
What discoloration do beta hemoly...,
What does the discolored area of ...
47  cards
What proteins that disable our im...,
What does saureus have to surroun...,
What is the role of protein a
17  cards
Viral Replication And Taxonomy
What does positive rna mean,
Mention 4 general characteristics...,
What is the role of rna dependent...
27  cards
Orthomyxoviridae And Paramyxoviridae
What are the viruses that are inc...,
What is the virus that is include...,
What percentage of the entire wor...
38  cards
Hepatitis Viridae
How are hep a and e transmitted,
How many viruses that primarily i...,
What viruses can cause acute hep
38  cards
Corynebacterium And Listeria (Non-Spore-Forming Rods)
How is cdiphtheriae transmitted,
What is the morphology of coryneb...,
What is the metabolism of cdiphth...
19  cards
Bacillus And Clostridium (Spore-Forming Rods)
How is banthracis transmitted,
Where is banthracis found,
What is the metabolism of bantracis
41  cards
Can immunity be developed to nmen...,
Where is nmeningitidis found,
How does nmeningitidis spread
26  cards
Chlamydia, Rickettsia, And Friends
What is the morphology of ctracho...,
Where is ctrachomatis found,
How is ctrachomatis transmitted
63  cards
Haemophilus, Bordetella, And Legionella
How is hinfluenza transmitted,
Where is hinfluenza found,
What is the virulence of hinfluenza
42  cards
Hospital-Acquired Gram(-)
How is paeruginosa transmitted,
Where is paeruginosa found,
What is the metabolism of paerugi...
27  cards
Yersinia, Francisella, Brucella, And Pasteurella
How is ypestis transmitted,
Where is ypestis found,
What is the metabolism of ypestis
43  cards
Are the spirochetes motile in gen...,
How do the spirochetes multiply i...,
Do spirochetes have exotoxins
58  cards
What is the metabolism of mtuberc...,
What is the morphology of mtuberc...,
What is the role of mycosides in ...
33  cards
What is the metabolism of mpneumo...,
What is the morphology of mycopla...,
What is the virulence of mpneumoniae
13  cards
What can malassezia furfur cause,
What is the morphology of malasse...,
What happens in pityriasis versic...
82  cards
How is hsv 1 transmitted,
What is the morphology of hsv 1,
What is the travel course of hsv
35  cards
The Rest of the DNA Viruses
What can poxviridae cause,
What is the morphology of poxviridae,
What happens in smallpox
20  cards
The Rest of the RNA Viruses
What does alpha virus include,
What are the 2 viruses that belon...,
What is the morphology of togavir...
12  cards
Study Tips - Flashcards Lippincott
Mccs of conjunctivitis,
Causes of common cold,
Five mc pediatric diseases with rash
50  cards
Nervous System Infections
Protozoan causes of encephalitis,
Viral causes of encephalitis,
Causes of neonatal meningitis
11  cards
Cardiocascular + Respiratory Infections
Causes of viral myocarditis,
Causes of septic shock,
Cause of protozoan myocarditis
20  cards
GI Infections
Dental caries,
Other liver infections
12  cards
Uncomplicated uti,
Complicated uti catheter calculi ...
4  cards
Skin - Muscle - Bone Infections
10  cards
Genital System Infections
19  cards
FA - Micro - Basic Bacteriology
What is the chemical composition ...,
What is the function of the pepti...,
What is the function of cell wall...
139  cards
FA - Micro - Clinical Bacteriology
Gram branching filaments aerobe a...,
Gram branching filaments anaerobe...,
Gram cocci catalase coagulase
285  cards
FA - Micro - Mycology
Treatment for systemic mycosis,
3 features about systemic mycoses,
Systemic mycosis can mimic what
62  cards
FA - Micro - Parasitology
Giardiasis transmission,
Giardiasis features,
Giardiasis diagnosis
138  cards
FA - Micro - Virology
Viral genetics reassortment,
Viral genetics recombination,
Viral genetics complementation
246  cards
FA - Micro - Systems
Normal dominant flora nose,
Normal dominant flora skin,
Normal dominant flora oropharynx
168  cards
FA - Micro - Antimicrobials
Antimicrobials dna topoisomerases,
Antimicrobials folic acid synthes...,
Antimicrobials damages dna
215  cards
FA - Micro - Antimicrobials (2016)
Carbapenems mechanism of imipenem,
Newer carbapenems include,
Carbapenems clinical use
47  cards
FA - Micro - Basic Bacteriology (2016)
Outer membrane of gram,
1st line lab test in bacterial id...,
Gram stain bacteria with thick pe...
41  cards
FA - Micro - Clinical Bacteriology (2016)
Sepi infects,
Ssaprophyticus general features,
Ssapro is normal flora of
46  cards
FA - Micro - Virology (2016)
Envelope protein of hdv,
Live attenuated vaccine that can ...,
All dna viruses are double strand...
83  cards
FA - Micro - Systems (2016)
Bugs affecting unvaccinated child...,
Bugs affecting unvaccinated child...,
Epiglottitis is caused by
25  cards
Antiviral Drugs
Inhibitors of early events 4,
Afftected virus amantadine,
Prevents uncoating 2
19  cards
Antiviral Drugs Part 2
Mechanism ganciclovir,
Clinical uses ganciclovir,
Side effects ganciclovir
19  cards
Antiviral Drugs Part 3
Inhibitors of hep b,
Integrase inhibitors 3 mechanism
2  cards

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