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Exam 1 (Lectures 3/4)
True or false antibodies are glyc...,
True or false all the below menti...,
True or false allergies immune co...
151  cards
Exam 1 (Lectures 1/2)
True or false normal microbial fl...,
Abnormal or aberrant immune funct...,
Where tissues are an immature wbc...
79  cards
Breakout Session 1
Cells of the innate immune system...,
What are pamp receptors are known as,
What three rule should pamp s follow
57  cards
Breakout Session 2
Three sources of immunoglobulin d...,
What type of diversity is achieve...,
___chains recombination of v d an...
23  cards
L5-Exam 2
List the three professional phago...,
True or false professional phagoc...,
What is the first leukocyte to th...
40  cards
L6-Exam 2
The typical virus replication cyc...,
Can antibodies gain access to the...,
In order for t cells to recognize...
36  cards
L7-Exam 2
Upon exiting the thymus t cells w...,
Children born without a thymus di...,
T cell differentiation occurs thr...
90  cards
Cd4 facilitates binding of hla cl...,
True or false cd4 cd8 are mutuall...,
In the role of co receptors cd4 a...
39  cards
Following activation of cd4 t lym...,
True or false as antigen stimulat...,
Upon initial activation it is tho...
47  cards
Breakout #3
Upon binding cytokine how do cyto...,
What is the function of jak,
How are jak proteins activated
26  cards
Breakout #4
What are three fundamental factor...,
Which requires more receptors to ...,
How is bcr and tcr antigen engage...
34  cards
L11: Active Immunizations
_____ stimulation of immune respo...,
_____ against viral illnesses inc...,
Two major types of vaccines
24  cards
Lecture 9: Antibody Responses and Biology of T Lymphocytes
True or false iga can be passivel...,
True or false at 6 months of age ...,
Compare the maternally derived an...
57  cards
Lecture 10: Inflammation
Hallmark of acute inflammation vs...,
True or false increased blood flo...,
In acute inflammation released co...
70  cards
Lecture 11: Immune Response During Infection
What type of im,
True or false protective immunity...,
If host survives with partial inc...
92  cards
____ stop transmission of pathoge...,
In herd immunity percentage of pe...,
What disease has a high attack ra...
28  cards
Passive Immunotherapy
_____ results from transfer of pr...,
Passive immunotherapy is easy to ...,
True or false in passive immunoth...
61  cards
Lecture 14: Type 1 Hypersensitivity Reactions
_____ adaptive immune responses t...,
What is the pathologic immune mec...,
What are the two primary mechanis...
47  cards
Lecture 15: Hypersensitivity Type II, III, and IV Reactions
The type ii hypersensitivity reac...,
True or false type ii hypersensit...,
If a type ii hypersensitivity occ...
10  cards
Breakout (L7)
Only cells with antigen specific ...,
___ tolerance that occurs early i...,
Where does central tolerance occu...
36  cards
Breakout Session #6
What are three strategies employe...,
Which pathogen utilize gene rearr...,
True or false the african trypano...
40  cards
Lecture 14: Type 1 Hypersensitivity Reactions
Which antibody mediates type 1 hy...,
Which hypersensitivity reaction i...,
Which hypersensitivity reaction i...
38  cards
Lecture 15: Hypersensitivity Type II, III, and IV Reactions
Do type ii hypersensitivity react...,
True or false type ii hypersensit...,
If a type ii hypersensitivity rea...
67  cards
Lecture 16: Transplants
____ graft or transplant from one...,
In which case are donor and recip...,
____ graft or transplant from one...
49  cards
Lecture 16: Tumor Immunology
True or false one feature of canc...,
True or false most tumor cells re...,
___ causes cell with damaged dna ...
44  cards
Lecture 17: Tolerance and Autoimmunity
What type of hypersensitivity rea...,
What type of hypersensitivity rea...,
Systemic lupus erythematosus scle...
67  cards
Lecture 19: Primary and Secondary Immune Deficiencies
____ immunodeficiencies congenita...,
Secondary are induced by environm...,
True or false malnourishment neop...
29  cards

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