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Chapter 1 - The Scientific Rationale for Integrated Training
What are muscle imbalances,
What is chronic disease,
What is obesity
37  cards
Chapter 2 - Basic Exercise Science
What is the definition of the hum...,
What are the three primary functi...,
What is the nervous system
120  cards
Chapter 3 - The Cardiorespiratory System
Cardiorespiratory system,
Cardiovascular system,
41  cards
Chapter 4 - Exercise Metabolism and Bioenergetics
Exercise metabolism,
21  cards
Chapter 5 - Human Movement Science
56  cards
Chapter 6 - Fitness Assessment
What is a fitness assessment,
What is the purpose of conducting...,
Guidelines for health and fitness...
48  cards
Chapter 7 - Flexibility Training Concepts
What is flexibility,
What is extensibility,
What is range of motion rom of a ...
40  cards
Chapter 8 - Cardiorespiratory Concepts
What is cardiorespiratory fitness,
What is integrated cardiorespirat...,
Why is rate of progression import...
56  cards
Chapter 9 - Core Training Concepts
What is the objective of core tra...,
What are the 3 systems of the cor...,
What is the core
30  cards
Chapter 10 - Balance Training Concepts
What is balance,
Give an example of balance,
What is dynamic balance
21  cards
Chapter 11 - Plyometric (Reactive) Training Concepts
What is plyometric reactive training,
What is rate of force production,
True or false clients must posses...
17  cards
Chapter 12 - Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training
Define speed,
What is stride rate can it be imp...,
What is stride length
29  cards
Chapter 13 - Resistance Training Concepts
What is the principle of adaptation,
What are the physiologic benefits...,
What are the physical benefits fr...
73  cards
Chapter 14 - Integrated Program Design and the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model
What is program design,
List the acute variables for the ...,
What are acute variables
116  cards
Chapter 15 - Introduction to Exercise Modalities
Describe the basics of strength t...,
What populations are strength tra...,
List the pros of strength trainin...
40  cards
Chapter 16 - Chronic Health Conditions and Physical or Functional Limitations
Define youth in age range terms,
What are the current exercise rec...,
True or false children do not pro...
160  cards
Chapter 17 - Nutrition
What is nutrition,
Give some examples of nutrition t...,
What is a registered dietician rd
163  cards
Chapter 18 - Supplementation
What is the definition of a dieta...,
What are the requirements for an ...,
What is the definition for estima...
23  cards
Chapter 19 - Lifestyle Modification and Behavioral Coaching
What are the stages of change,
What is the best strategy for som...,
What is the best strategy for som...
37  cards
Chapter 20 - Developing a Successful Personal Training Business
What are the 4 ps of marketing,
What are the guidelines for uncom...,
What are nasms 10 steps to success
7  cards

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