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Chapter 1: Orientation and Labeling in Obstetric and Gynecologic Imaging
Position of the fetus in utero,
Left lateral decubitus position w...,
Toward the head or cranium
97  cards
Chapter 2: Sonographic Image Optimization
Ability of the ultrasound system ...,
Series of 2d images providing a m...,
Doppler data conversion into a no...
55  cards
Chapter 3: Principles of Scanning Technique in Gynecologic Ultrasound
Area around an organ,
Fluid within the abdominal or pel...,
Inside a cavity such as the abdom...
59  cards
Chapter 5: Foundational Ultrasound Ergonomics for Obstetrics and Gynecology
Any behavior that increases the c...,
The creation of a safe workplace ...,
Movement beyond the normal range ...
37  cards
Chapter 6: embryonic development of the female genital system
Large sometimes tortuous ureter b...,
Second stage of kidney developmen...,
Connection between the mesonephro...
64  cards
Chapter 7: Congenital Anomalies of the Female Genital System
Reconstructive surgery on the ute...,
Complete absence of the uterus,
A small opening especially one of...
67  cards
Chapter 8: The Female Cycle
The portion of an ovarian follicl...,
A vascular ovarian layer characte...,
A vascular ovarian layer characte...
87  cards
Chapter 9: Normal Anatomy of the Female Pelvis
Aka vesicouterine recess potentia...,
On the opposite side,
Fibrous tissue that replaces the ...
56  cards
Midterm review
Uterine agenesis is imaged best i...,
What hospital electronic system w...,
The most common location for wrms...
70  cards
Chapter 10: Doppler Evaluation of the Pelvis
When the sound wave encounters a ...,
Physiologic process involving the...,
Small vascular structures found a...
54  cards
Chapter 11: Pediatric Pelvis
Increase in adrenal gland activit...,
Synthetic estrogen used from 1940...,
Class of tumors that originate in...
54  cards
Chapter 12: Benign Disease of the Female Pelvis
Surgical removal of adhesions sca...,
Failure to ovulate,
Inflammation of the bowel
66  cards
Chapter 13: Malignant Disease of the Uterus and Cervix
Malignant tumor arising from any ...,
Naturally occurring steroid hormo...,
Any substance that blocks or modi...
63  cards
Chapter 14: Malignant Diseases of the Ovary
Used as a tumor marker for carcin...,
Inherited gene mutation associate...,
Protein found in tumor cells that...
62  cards
Chapter 15: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Endometriosis
Presence of endometrial glands an...,
Painful menstruation,
Painful intercourse
55  cards
Chapter 16: Imaging the intrauterine device
Within an organ or body cavity,
Product inserted into the uterine...,
Iucd with synthetic progesterone ...
38  cards
Chapter 10, 11, and 12 Test
Which term defines the physiologi...,
The doppler measurement take the ...,
Which vessel carries blood to the...
40  cards
Chapter 13, 14, 15, 16 Test
What is the least common gynecolo...,
Identify the risk factor associat...,
Tamoxaphin therapy for breast can...
45  cards

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