rusvm large animal surgery

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Wound Management
Name four inhibitors of granulati...,
T f phenylbutazone may be used in...,
If a horse has a wound and a prev...
48  cards
Arthrocentesis (Sx Lab)
What landmarks should be palpated...,
What landmarks should be palpated...,
What landmark s should be palpate...
5  cards
Vasectomy, Epididectomy, Urolithiasis, Castration, Male Urogenital Sx (Sx Lab)
Where is the scrotal ligament,
What are some of the complication...,
T f post castration horses should...
70  cards
Tendonitis, Tendon Laceration, Joint Disease, Neurectomy, Sweeny
What are the two mechanisms by wh...,
Where do we most commonly see ten...,
What is the recommended treatment...
35  cards
Bandaging, Casting (Sx Lab)
Why is it important to extend ban...,
T f when applying a bandage it is...,
How do you stabilize an olecranon...
25  cards
Corrective Shoeing, Diagnosing Lameness
The hoof pastern angle in the fro...,
What condition is seen in this horse,
T f it is important to perform fl...
44  cards
Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD)
__________ is the process of abno...,
What is the definition of osteoch...,
Bone and cartilage form via the p...
22  cards
Identify this piece of equipment,
Identify this piece of equipment,
Identify this piece of equipment
20  cards
Equine Laparoscopy, Staplers
What are the main complications a...,
T f cryptorchidectomy is one of t...,
What type of stapler is shown here
21  cards
Equine Sarcoid & Melanoma
__________ is the most common tum...,
What is the etiology of equine sa...,
What is the sex predilection for ...
24  cards
A necrotic piece of bone that is ...,
__________ is the number one reas...,
Most equine bone sequestrums are ...
9  cards
Surgical Eye Diseases
What is the causative agent for p...,
The image below shows a _________...,
The most common tumor in cattle is
12  cards
Teat & Udder Surgery
The hugs teat tumor extractor is ...,
Identify this instrument,
Identify this instrument
22  cards
Right Flank Celiotomy, LDA, AED, etc. (gave up on this one)
You are presented with an adult d...,
What is the most common reason fo...,
The most common life threatening ...
9  cards
Lameness in Cattle & Horses, Septic Arthritis/Septic Physitis
What is the gold standard,
When trimming hooves in cattle th...,
At what age is s type septic arth...
34  cards
Digit Amputation, PIJ Arthrodesis
What is the prognosis for this cow,
What is the,
For digit amputation a tourniquet...
22  cards
Angular Limb Deformities, Flexural Deformities/Tendon Laxity
Is this an example of valgus or v...,
Is this an example of valgus or v...,
Is this an example of valgus or v...
21  cards
Bone Spavin, P1, Splint Bone, Proximal Sesamoid Fractures
What is bone spavin,
What term is used to describe the...,
T f mri can be as good as arthros...
25  cards
Long Bone Fractures: Cannon, Ulna, Femur, Tibia, Complications, ExFix, Stack Pinning, Mandibular Fractures
These lectures were taught by Dr. Erika Little
20  cards
Head and Neck Fractures
Taught by Dr. Bernard Grevemeyer
24  cards
Equine Dental Surgery
Are foals born with premolars,
What are these,
What is the arrow pointing to
35  cards
Equine Respiratory Surgery, Arytenoid Chondritis, Guttural Pouch Issues
Taught by Dr. Bernard Grevemeyer
79  cards
Intussusception, Intestinal Volvulus, Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome in Cattle
What fluids do you want to use if...,
What two species are most prone t...,
After repairing intussusception w...
23  cards
Surgical Diseases of the Rectum and Anus
Taught by Dr. Guy St. Jean
27  cards
Inguinal & Umbilical Hernias
On which side do we more commonly...,
An indirect inguinal hernia invol...,
If there is an umbilical vein inf...
38  cards
Choke, Rumen Fistula, Rumenotomy, Pericarditis
What is the 1 complication associ...,
What is the main cause of esophag...,
What are the indications for a ru...
20  cards
Ruminant Male Reproductive Surgery
You note this lesion on the free ...,
At what age do you normally see f...,
What is the cause of fibropapillo...
40  cards
Equine Female Urogenital Surgery
Taught by Dr. Bernard Grevemeyer
36  cards
Equine Male Surgery
Phallectomy patients must be cast...,
Which of the following drugs repo...,
What is done to decrease dehiscence
32  cards
Equine Colic
Taught by Dr. Erika Little
52  cards
Nose Rings, Dehorning, Tracheal Collapse
Identify this instrument,
Identify this instrument,
Identify this big ass instrument
17  cards
Vaginal Prolapse & Cesarean Section
What is the proper incision lengt...,
T f dairy heifers and animals rec...,
What is the surgical approach of ...
30  cards

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