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Chapter 22 Attention
Bottom up processing is associate...,
Serial processing is used by subj...,
In treisman s theory attention is...
20  cards
Chapter 21 Spatial Behavior
_____ memory is the name given to...,
The form of topographic disorient...,
Match the spatial ability in each...
33  cards
Chapter 18 Memory
The first evidence that the tempo...,
Which question would be most diff...,
Hm s performance on the mirror dr...
48  cards
Chapter 19 Language
The smallest meaningful units of ...,
Syntax is more generally referred...,
Swadish based his hypothesis abou...
44  cards
Chapter 20 Mechanisms Regulating Affect
Which is not a principal behavior...,
Philip bard working with animals ...,
Bilateral anterior lobectomy in m...
19  cards
Chapters 24 & 26 Developmental & Neurological Disorders
Bradley and bryant suggest that n...,
Normal readers can discriminate b...,
Developmentally dyslexic individu...
76  cards
Chapter 27 Emotions & Psychiatric Disorders
Among the structural abnormalitie...,
Examination of the wisconsin card...,
Which is true regarding bdnf a it...
30  cards
Factor analytic studies support a...,
Sex differences in aspects of per...,
Astur et al found spatial learnin...
21  cards
Lecture 6 Attention
Sustained attention,
Top down processes describe knowl...,
Bottom up perspectives try to exp...
36  cards
Lecture 7 Spatial Behavior
Spatial behavior refers to behavi...,
Processes that contribute to spat...,
__ memory ability to move through...
75  cards
Lecture 8 Memory
What is memory,
What are the phases of short term...,
What two types of long term memor...
41  cards
Lecture 9 Language
Language is defined as a ___ syst...,
Language encompasses both verbal ...,
A combination of ___ will yield a...
69  cards
Lecture 10 Executive control, decision making, problem solving
Executive functions encompass a v...,
Executive functions are also refe...,
What are six clusters of executiv...
25  cards
Lecture 11 Emotions
Emotion is typically referred to ...,
We can infer someone s affect bas...,
Emotions are subjective feelings ...
68  cards
Lecture 12 The Neuropsychological Examination
Neurospych tests are often couple...,
Issues such as ___ ___ ___ and __...,
Within normal limits average is b...
36  cards
Lecture 13 Genetics, Dev, & Psychiatric Disorders
What are genes,
When mutations or mistakes occur ...,
Hereditary or ____ mutations can ...
36  cards

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