specialty medicine

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Pediatric Airway
What is the general shape of the ...,
What is the most narrow component...,
The location of the pediatric oro...
79  cards
Pediatric Airway II
True or false as opposed to adult...,
True or false an adult neck mass ...,
The majority of pediatric neck ma...
83  cards
What is aom,
What is the definition of ome om ...,
What are the physical exam findin...
74  cards
What are the two aspects of the o...,
What are the two aspects of the o...,
Where is high frequency sound hea...
54  cards
What is rhinitis medicamentosa,
What is anosmia,
What is parosmia
50  cards
What is the definition of rhinosi...,
What are the s sx of rhinosinusit...,
What is the timeframe for acute r...
52  cards
What are the arytenoids,
What are the changes that occur w...,
What causes vocal cord polyps
70  cards
Bell's Palsy
Which gender is more commonly aff...,
What conditions predispose patien...,
True or false bells palsy is a di...
39  cards
Neck Masses
What is the only muscle of the la...,
What are the boundaries of the oc...,
What are the boundaries of the su...
100  cards
Head and Neck Cancers
What are the four major divisions...,
True or false black and white wom...,
Black men have __ highers rates o...
33  cards
Diseases of the oral cavity
What is the general progression o...,
What causes the hyperemia with ph...,
What happens to the follicles in ...
84  cards
What are the two types of vertigo,
What is the cause of central vertigo,
What is the cause of peripheral v...
87  cards
Vascular diseases of the skin
What are the two antigens that ho...,
What is the pathophysiology of bu...,
What are the three major location...
156  cards
Basal and Squamous Cell CA
What are the two major types of n...,
True or false bcc and scc is rare...,
Which is more common bcc or scc
89  cards
Skin Terminology and exam
What are some aspects of the hist...,
What are the components of the at...,
What are the family history bits ...
88  cards
Pigment Disorders
What are the salt cells in the skin,
What is a major issue with tannin...,
What is skin type i of the fitzpa...
116  cards
Systemic derm Diseases
What is dermatomyositis,
Which gender and in what ages is ...,
Adult dermatomyositis is associat...
84  cards
Geriatric skin Conditions
What happens to lipid content of ...,
With aging the interdigitations o...,
What accounts for the slower woun...
89  cards
Pediatric Dermatology
What are salmon patches,
What is the prognosis for salmon ...,
What is cutis aplasia how does it...
54  cards
Benign tumors
What are seborrheic keratoses,
Seborrheic keratoses are rare bef...,
What is the treatment for seborrh...
129  cards
Infectious derm 1
What is an exanthem,
What is an enanthem,
What are the 6 examthems of child...
84  cards
Infectious Derm II
What are the three major variants...,
What are the top two causes of im...,
What is the age range that is gen...
123  cards
What is healing by delayed primar...,
What type of healing is done with...,
What is the care for partial thic...
66  cards
What is stasis dermatitis,
What are the chronic skin changes...,
What is vasculitis how does it ap...
67  cards
Soft Tissue Injuries
What is a strain,
What is a sprain,
What is the most common part of t...
126  cards
Genetic & Metabolic Bone Disorders
What are the two general componen...,
What are the components of the or...,
What are the cells that are in th...
79  cards
Primary Bone Tumors
What are the s sx of hyperparathy...,
What is the effect of pth on ca r...,
What is the effect of pth on vit d
58  cards
Avascular Necrosis, Fractures & Infection of Bone
What are the five questions that ...,
What two areas in the body in par...,
Where can osteosarcoma occur 3
92  cards
What is the definition of arthritis,
What is the most frequent cause o...,
What fraction of the us is affect...
82  cards
Arthropathies and Septic arthritis
What are the s sx of septic arthr...,
What is the ddx for acute onset m...,
What is pigmented villonodular sy...
97  cards
Metabolic Bone Disease
What is the definition of osteopo...,
What is the t score on a dxa scan...,
Which bone fracture has the highe...
62  cards
Pediatric Rheumatic Disease
Which gender is more affected wit...,
What is the pathology that occurs...,
What are the s sx that are specif...
64  cards
Vasculitis and Fibromyalgia
What is takayasus arteritis where...,
What are some of the classic s sx...,
What are the two major phases of ...
92  cards
What is the major difference betw...,
What are the two general forms of oa,
What is the most common cause of ...
62  cards
Fractures and dislocations
What is used as the midline in th...,
How is angulation described in re...,
How is displacement described in ...
66  cards
Ortho II
True or false the presentation of...,
What is the usual mechanism of in...,
What is a torus fracture
51  cards

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