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New World Various - ST Questions 01.06.19
Who produces the altura maxima ma...,
In which region would you find th...,
Who makes wines at dominio de pla...
40  cards
New World mainly Aus and NZ - ST Questions 04.05.19
Which states are able to provide ...,
To qualify as a region or sub reg...,
What zones are included in the ad...
40  cards
Mainly Greece and Austria - ST Questions 06.07.19
What is the name of the wind that...,
What s the generic term for unkno...,
What is greece s most planted gra...
40  cards
Mainly NZ and South Africa - ST Questions 08.06.19
In nz which wine district would y...,
Wairarapa contains which sub region,
What are the three principal sub ...
40  cards
Portugal and Various - ST Questions 13.07.19
Name 4 subzones of vinho verde,
What would be the minimum alcohol...,
Which dop borders dao to the west
40  cards
USA and Various - ST Questions 14.06.19
What is biodynamic preparation 508,
How many litres in an american oa...,
In which county is mt harlan
40  cards
Mainly Spain and Germany - ST Questions 22.06.19
Which subzone of rias baixas can ...,
Which two grapes produced in somo...,
In ribeira sacra tinta barrica wi...
40  cards
Various - ST Questions 27.04.19
What other ava can green valley p...,
In which ava would you find gary ...,
Name 2 vineyard designated wines ...
50  cards
Mainly Germany, Portugal, USA - ST Questions 29.06.19
What are the 3 crus of the maximi...,
In which gemeinde is maximin grun...,
Name 2 other monopoles in the mos...
40  cards
Mainly Italy - OF Questions 30.05.19
Name a synonym for nebbiolo in va...,
Can you name one sparkling wine f...,
In which village is the vineyard ...
50  cards
Mainly Portugal and USA - ST Questions 20.07.19
Name the subs of dao and main gra...,
What is the minimum alcohol for d...,
Which port house first produced b...
40  cards
Various - OF Questions 13.07.19
What grapes other than xinomavro ...,
What wines are made in zitsa pdo,
What is the original home of boutari
40  cards
Mainly Burgundy and Rhone -OF Questions 20.07.19
Under which puligny 1er crus are ...,
Clos de la roche encompasses whic...,
In which village is les amoureuse...
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Mainly USA, Canada, Germany -ST Questions 27.07.19
Name the avas of san benito,
Who produces maya in napa valley,
In which ava would you find the s...
40  cards
Mainly Australia and NZ - ST Questions 09.08.19
In which year were the following ...,
What is another name for dekkera ...,
Which five companies control 75 o...
40  cards
Mainly South America, South Africa, Italy - ST Questions 17.08.19
Whose first vintage of barbaresco...,
In which ava are gravelly meadow ...,
Name the wards of wellington
40  cards
Mainly Australia, Austria, Italy -OF Questions 10.08.19
Where can you find auburn sevenhi...,
What is the new top cuvee of yalumba,
For which gc marcel deiss is famous
52  cards
Mainly Bordeaux and Americas -OF Questions 17.08.19
Who produces g3,
What is rutherglen muscat grand,
2 clos in rangen
40  cards
Mainly Fortified - ST Questions 13.09.19
What are the four styles of white...,
What s minimum alcohol for branco...,
What is the minimum rs for lagrima
40  cards
Mainly Beer, Ale and Spirits - ST Questions 28.09.19
What would you call a mixture of ...,
What would you call a german filt...,
In which countries are the follow...
40  cards
Various - OF Questions 28.09.19
Where is the do los lingues located,
Do zones within curico,
Grapes for white ctx d ancenis
41  cards
Port, Argentina and Various - ST Questions 05.10.19
Who is the producer of calcareo g...,
In which region would you find bo...,
In argentina red gran reserva win...
50  cards
Various - OF Questions 05.10.19
Muscat allowed in alsace,
Grapes cremant dalsace rose,
Gc with sylvaner
58  cards
Various - OF Questions 05.10.19 2
Who does la bota amontillado,
Baron de chirel,
Synonym scciaccarello
58  cards
Mainly Alsace and Champagne - ST Questions 12.10.19
In which grand cru would you find...,
In which grand cru would you find...,
Who makes sommerberg wiptal and f...
50  cards
Various - OF Questions 12.10.19
Min alcohol for amarone,
Rioja new classification,
Appellation west to yecla
40  cards
Eastern Europe - ST Questions 07.12.19
Which 2 white similarly named gra...,
What would a superior table wine ...,
What are the sub categories of do...
40  cards
Greece - ST Questions 13.12.19
Name and describe the 2 most impo...,
Which famous wine consultant work...,
Which mountain range essentially ...
40  cards
Mainly Greece, Switzerland, Austria - ST Questions 18.01.20
Which mountains which are an exte...,
In which pdo would you find ramnista,
Name the pdos of the peloponnese
40  cards
Mainly Champagne and Sparkling Wine - ST Questions 25.01.20
In what year was the champagne ho...,
What was the first vintage of dom...,
Which 2 villages have or had a 99...
40  cards
New World and Port - ST Questions 01.02.20
What are the zones of new south w...,
When were the first vines planted...,
What type of wine is brokenwood i...
40  cards
Mainly Fortified, plus Spain and S France - ST Questions 08.02.20
By what date does vintage port ne...,
What is the minimum residual suga...,
What is the range of residual sug...
40  cards
Mainly Portugal - ST Questions 15.02.20
Which is the oldest port house an...,
Name the 14 igps in portugal nort...,
What are the sub zones of tras os...
41  cards
Burgundy - ST Questions 22.02.20
Name the lieux dits of montee de ...,
What percentage of chardonnay is ...,
Name the lieux dits of montmains
40  cards
Mainly South Africa - ST Questions 29.02.20
Name the six geographical areas o...,
What des wieta stand for,
What is jerepigo
40  cards
Chile and Argentina - ST Questions 07.03.20
What is the name of the hot dry w...,
Name a doc for central mendoza fo...,
Argentina s reserva and grand res...
40  cards
Mainly Oregon and Washington State - ST Questions 14.03.20
Oregon pioneer david lett is asso...,
Which 2 avas are sub avas of umpq...,
What percentage of varietal is ne...
40  cards
Mainly E Europe, Fortifieds, Pacific NW - ST Questions 21.03.20
What is szamorodni,
In tokaj how does forditas differ...,
Which hungarian wine region is co...
40  cards
Mainly Australia and NZ - ST Questions 28.03.20
Name the zones of new south wales,
In which zone would you find the ...,
What are the regions and sub regi...
40  cards
Mainly Germany - ST Questions 04.04.20
What is the minimum size for einz...,
List the weinbaugebiete of germany,
What are synonyms for the followi...
40  cards
Mainly USA - ST Questions 07.04.20
Which influential grape did the s...,
Who planted the first vineyard in...,
What was the first ava and in whi...
40  cards
Spain - MA Questions 07.04.20
Name the mountains that shelter r...,
What is the name of ebro s tribut...,
When did rioja gain doca status
40  cards
Germany and Portugal - ST Questions 11.04.20
From which 4 anbaugebiete may lie...,
Vineyards excluded from the bernk...,
Which two grapes are crossed to p...
40  cards
Mainly USA - ST Questions 14.04.20
What are the 4 additional regiona...,
Which counties make up the north ...,
Which ava is located between the ...
40  cards
Germany - MA Questions 14.04.20
Scheurebe is a crossing of which ...,
What are the parents of bukettrebe,
What does the term feinherb indic...
40  cards
Mainly Spain - ST Questions 18.04.20
How old do vines in spain need to...,
What is the required aging for a ...,
What is another name for miteado ...
40  cards
Austria and Switzerland - MA Questions 21.04.20
What are the winegrowing regions ...,
What are the 4 major wine growing...,
Parents of zweigelt
40  cards
Mainly Alsace, Jura and Savoie - ST Questions 25.04.20
Which communes can bottle klevene...,
What is the maximum residual suga...,
In what year did the alsace grand...
40  cards
Mainly Portugal - ST Questions 28.04.20
List the subzones of vinho verde ...,
All vinho verde wines designated ...,
What is enforcado
40  cards
Mainly Greece - MA Questions 28.04.20
What are the pgi districts for re...,
What are the pgi district wines o...,
Name the pdos of aegean islands
40  cards
Mainly Germany - ST Questions 05.05.20
In which mosel einzellage have th...,
Name two gemeinden in the mittel ...,
What is the abbreviation for the ...
40  cards
Portugal and E Europe MA Questions 05.05.20
What is the size of a tun,
What are the minimum ageing requi...,
Who owns quinta de vargellas
40  cards
Mainly Austria and Switzerland questions 12.05.20
List the dacs of austria,
Who makes the riesling federspiel...,
Describe a typical spatrot rotgip...
40  cards
Mainly Champagne and Sparkling - ST Questions 23.05.20
Who is credited with the creation...,
How many villages can grow grapes...,
Who makes les clos pompadour
40  cards
North and South America - MA Questions 23.05.20
Who founded buena vista winery,
What is the most important grape ...,
Where is vinifera wine cellars wh...
50  cards
Mainly Fortified wines - ST Questions 30.05.20
Who grants the beneficio authoris...,
What is the range of points in th...,
What are maximum yields for red a...
40  cards
Australia and New Zealand - MA Questions 30.05.20
In which region is clarendon hill...,
What are the conditions defining ...,
What are the additional productio...
45  cards
Mainly Greece and Eastern Europe - ST Questions - 06.06.20
Which mountain range is an extens...,
The aegean islands are divided in...,
Ramnista and fytia are crus of wh...
40  cards
New Zealand - MA Questions - 06.06.20
What is the most planted red grap...,
Where can you find ohiti sub region,
Which region has the highest alti...
40  cards
Mixed - ST Questions - 13.06.20
What is the term used for the lan...,
In which anbaugebiet would you fi...,
In which anbaugebiet are schwarzr...
40  cards
South Africa - MA Questions - 13.06.20
Which regions does the cape coast...,
To which two mountain foothills d...,
What are the main soils found in ...
40  cards
General ST questions 20.06.20
What are dogridge fercal and harmony,
State whether each of the followi...,
What is the koppen system
40  cards
Eastern Europe - MA Questions 20.06.20
In which country would you find t...,
Which region in slovakia is the w...,
In which country would you find t...
40  cards
Winemaking - MA Questions 28.07.20
Name two researchers who simultan...,
Name the main sugars found in grapes,
Aproximately how many grams of su...
40  cards
N Italy - ST Questions 28.07.20
In what italian wine region would...,
What is stagafassli,
List the subs of valle d aosta
40  cards
Beer and Sake - MA Questions 01.08.20
What are the main 4 ingredients f...,
Which enzyme is responsible for c...,
What is sparging
40  cards
Central and Southern Italy - ST Questions 01.08.20
List the docgs of tuscany,
What are the four original villag...,
Who makes the following super tus...
30  cards
Mainly Bordeaux and Burgundy - ST Questions 15.08.20
Name 4 cru bourgeois exceptionnel,
What are the more commonly used n...,
Which classed growth was known as...
40  cards
Spirits - MA Questions 15.08.20
What is the approximate boiling p...,
Who developed and improved the al...,
Define congeners
40  cards
Mainly Bordeaux and Burgundy - ST Questions 22.08.20
Name the two communes able to pro...,
Which of the following is not a c...,
Which is the smallest of the four...
40  cards
Fortified wine - MA Questions 22.08.20
Name the white and the red grapes...,
What is the minimum ageing in cas...,
Who owns the following single qui...
40  cards
Mainly Rhone and SW France - ST Questions 05.09.20
In which sw france appellation wa...,
With which property are the lapla...,
Which two varieties must form at ...
40  cards
Mainly Alsace - MA Questions 05.09.20
What is the percentage for variet...,
How is the savagnin grape found i...,
Which grapes are authorized to pr...
30  cards
Mainly California - ST Questions 19.09.20
In which counties are the followi...,
List the avas of santa clara county,
Which two wines won the judgement...
40  cards
Mainly Champagne - KM Questions 19.09.20
Which producer makes champagne ca...,
Which champagne producers own key...,
Who makes champagne clos st hillaire
38  cards
Mainly Loire - MA Questions 19.09.20
Which 2 aop in pays nantais allow...,
Which grapes are used for the whi...,
What is the principal variety in ...
40  cards
Mainly Alsace, Jura, Savoie - ST Questions 19.09.20
Name the smallest and largest als...,
Which alsace aop subzone can be s...,
What is the name for an alsace bl...
40  cards
Mainly Chile and Argentina - ST Questions 26.09.20
What is rauli,
Which winery founded in 1851 is t...,
Much of the supposed sauvignon bl...
40  cards
Mainly Sake, Beer and Spirits - ST Questions 26.06.20
Vienna style dortmunder and schwa...,
Which style of beer is an america...,
Cantillon is a producer of which ...
40  cards
Mainly Bordeaux - KM Questions 26.09.20
What is the difference between en...,
Which 1er grand cru classe chatea...,
What are the villages in the comm...
40  cards
Mainly Champagne - MA Questions 26.09.20
What is the yield limit per hecta...,
Which specialist committee is res...,
When was blocage introduced in ch...
40  cards
Mainly Burgundy - KM Questions 10.10.20
What four departments does burgun...,
Which two communes divide the cot...,
What communes make up the grand a...
30  cards
Mainly Rhone, Jura and Savoie - KM Questions 17.10.20
Explain geography and climate of ...,
Which grape is known as nature in...,
Which grape is referred to as gam...
40  cards
Mainly Spain - ST Questions 17.10.20
What is the mountain range that e...,
What is the minimum vine age for ...,
List the sub regions of ribeira s...
40  cards
Mainly South America - ST Questions 17.10.20
In which argentinian province wou...,
Who makes the following wines sau...,
List the following igs in ascendi...
40  cards
Mainly Bordeaux - MA Questions 17.10.20
What is arinarnoa,
Name 2 red grapes and 2 white gra...,
Which grape is known to be a comm...
40  cards
Southern France - KM Questions 24.10.20
Name the 5 subzones of cote de pr...,
What is the minimum oak ageing re...,
Which subzone of cote de provence...
40  cards
Mainly Spain and Austria - ST Questions 24.10.20
Which system of mountain ranges r...,
In which province synonymous with...,
By which name is the official doc...
40  cards
Mainly Australia and NZ - ST Questions 24.10.20
In which year was the langton s c...,
List the gis of the central range...,
How many chardonnay s are ranked ...
40  cards
Burgundy, Rhone, Jura, Savoie - MA Questions 24.10.20
Which region has the lowest acrea...,
What are the northernmost and the...,
How else is chardonnay known in t...
40  cards
Mainly Greece and Spain - ST Questions 31.10.20
What is kokkineli,
What is the fortification agent m...,
What is the name of the strong wi...
40  cards
Mainly N Italy - KM Questions 03.11.20
Which mountains form the spine of...,
Which three provinces account for...,
Which doc has barolo and barbares...
40  cards
Mainly Hungary, Greece, Switzerland - ST Questions 07.11.20
The tokay region is sheltered by ...,
What is the name of the producers...,
What are common hungarian synonym...
40  cards
Mainly Central and Southern Italy - KM Questions 08.11.20
When was sassicaia first released...,
What are the 11 docgs of tuscany,
Which doc region in chianti rufin...
40  cards
Mainly S France - MA Questions 14.11.20
What are the five subzones of pro...,
Where would you find chateau prad...,
What is the minimum ageing in woo...
40  cards
Canada and Pacific NW - ST Questions 21.11.20
In which ava would you find skaha...,
List the 7 styles of wine include...,
What is the minimum time on the l...
40  cards
Mainly Viticulture - ST Questions 21.11.20
What is the term for unwanted sho...,
What is the name for the stem of ...,
What is bloom
40  cards
Italy - MA Questions 21.11.20
Where would you find the docs of ...,
What is the maximum of sangiovese...,
What are the ageing requirements ...
40  cards
Mainly Portugal - ST Questions 06.12.20
What is the principal grape for t...,
List the sub zones of tras os montes,
What do they call the pergola sys...
40  cards
Spain - MA Questions 05.12.20
Who is known to have introduced c...,
Which french enologist worked as ...,
Which mountain range separates th...
41  cards
Germany - MA Questions 19.12.20
What does flurbereinigung mean,
What does amtliche prufungsnummer...,
What is the maximum rs for classi...
40  cards
Austria - ST Questions 19.12.20
What is the minimum drying period...,
What was the first dac and when w...,
What is the minimum must weight r...
40  cards
Mainly Germany - ST Questions 02.01.21
What is the maximum residual suga...,
What is the maximum residual suga...,
State the parentage of the follow...
40  cards
Austria - MA Questions 09.01.21
What are the five winegrowing reg...,
What does the term hochkultur mea...,
Which region in austria is the dr...
30  cards
Fortified - ST Questions 16.01.21
What are the maximum yields for r...,
List the styles of white port in ...,
What is vinhos ao alta
40  cards
Mainly Switzerland and Greece - MA Questions 16.01.21
What is kokkineli,
Name the 3 pgi districts for retsina,
What are the two most planted gra...
40  cards
Mainly Portugal - MA Questions 23.01.21
Which doc in lisboa is highly reg...,
What are the minimum ageing requi...,
What does reserva indicate on a t...
40  cards
Mainly Spirits and Sake - ST Questions 13.02.21
What is ketel one what is it made...,
What is corenwyn,
Sazerac and rittenhouse are examp...
40  cards
Mainly N America - MA Questions 13.02.21
Who founded buena vista winery,
Which grapes dominated new york v...,
What is the most threatening curr...
39  cards
Mainly Chile - MA Questions 28.02.21
Name the dos of atacama,
Which do is the highest in chile,
Name the dos of coquimbo
40  cards
Mainly Australia - ST Questions 28.02.21
What was the name of james busby ...,
In what year was hill of grace sh...,
Scientists from which institute s...
40  cards
Mainly NZ and Australia - ST Questions 06.03.21
What is the name of the large v s...,
Which winery planted the first co...,
Which mountain range bisects the ...
40  cards
Mainly Argentina - MA Questions 06.03.21
What is the approximate average e...,
What is the most planted white gr...,
Where was the mendoza chardonnay ...
40  cards
Mainly NZ - MA Questions 27.03.21
Where and when were the first vin...,
When by who and where was the fir...,
How long did the six oclock swill...
40  cards
Mainly Argentina - ST Questions 03.04.21
List the three pink varieties tha...,
What is the maximum residual suga...,
In which specific ig would you fi...
40  cards
Mainly South Africa - MA Questions 03.04.21
Which grape was historically call...,
Who was the first to replant with...,
Which grape gave an indication to...
39  cards
Fortified Aging
Moscatel de setubal,
Moscatel de setubal superior,
Moscatel de setubal 10 20 30 40 y...
54  cards
Spirits Aging
Armagnac vs,
Armagnac vsop napoleon,
Armagnac xo hors d age
58  cards
Italian aging
Aging barbaresco,
Aging barolo,
Alta langa
32  cards
Champagne Special Cuvees
Egly ouriet
72  cards
Burgundy Monopoles
Aloxe corton corton clos des mare...,
Clos de tart,
Corton clos des cortons
53  cards
Mainly Alsace and Loire - MA Questions 23.08.23
Which two aoc communale allow syl...,
Which two white varieties are not...,
Which aoc communale allows savagn...
45  cards
Mainly Bordeaux - ST Questions 26.08.23
1 name 2 red grapes and 2 white g...,
2 what is the parentage of arinarnoa,
3 which grape is known to be a co...
40  cards
MS Questions 02nd Sept 23 - Bordeaux
Which classed growth was known as...,
What are the second wines of the ...,
In what year were st emilion gran...
35  cards
Ms Questions 28th August 23 - Alsace
Which two aoc communale allow syl...,
Which grand cru produced by trimb...,
Which aoc communale allows savagn...
40  cards
MS Questions 9th Sept 23 - Alsace
Which sea current warms up the bo...,
Which grape is known as pressac noir
41  cards
Bordeaux Dry Whites - 10.09.2023
Dry white from lagrange,
Dry white from talbot,
Dry white from fonreaud
27  cards
Diploma Questions 23.09.16
What is fondillon and where is it...,
In what year was irrigation legal...,
What is the most common synonym f...
30  cards
MS Questions 18th Sept 23 - Loire
Name the fiefs vendeen subs,
What is the grape used in cour ch...,
Which aop in touraine produces wi...
40  cards
KM Questions CMS 23.09.25
Who makes pn tx 17 and from which...,
Who makes the cumieres coteaux ch...,
What is pointage
40  cards
MA Questions CMS 23.09.25
Name 2 blagny premier cru vineyar...,
In which village would you find d...,
Which producer owns a monopole li...
40  cards
KM Questions 30.09.2023
What is the name of the barrel se...,
What are the dry wines made by th...,
Which communes can produce cerons...
40  cards
Questions MS 09.10.2023
What is the minimum ageing in woo...,
Name an aop in provence with a mi...,
For what is doucillon blanc a syn...
39  cards
KM MS Questions 14.10.2023
What is corenwyn,
Sazerac and rittenhouse are examp...,
Dalwhinnie is located in which wh...
47  cards
KM MS Questions - 21.10.23
Which river traverses the strathb...,
In which australian state would y...,
Auburn is an unofficial sub regio...
40  cards
KM CMS Questions South Africa 29.10.2023
Which overarching region includes...,
In which district would you find ...,
In which region is the lutzville ...
41  cards
KM Questions CMS 05.11.2023
Who is the producer of calcareo g...,
In which region would you find bo...,
Argentina red gran reserva wines ...
40  cards
KM MS Questions NZ 11.11.2023
Who established the first commerc...,
Which winery was the first one to...,
Name the subregions of central otago
40  cards
KM CMS Questions - 21.11.2023
Name the aops in languedoc produc...,
What is the minimum percentage of...,
What is the ageing requirement fo...
41  cards
KM MS Questions 26.11.2023
What are the subs of tras os montes,
What is the main grape in palmela...,
In portugal what is the name for ...
45  cards
KM MS Questions 04.12.2023
What is the minimum alcohol conte...,
Reserva and reserva especial chil...,
Which wine from which area in whi...
40  cards
KM MS Questions 12.12.23
What are the subs of valle d aosta,
Which river flows through valle d...,
In which commune would you find t...
40  cards
KM MS Questions 17.12.2023
Which chianti subzone was added i...,
Who makes cepparello and what is ...,
List the subzones of chianti docg
39  cards
KM MS Questions 27.12.2023
Which doc docgs of southern italy...,
Name a docg for rose in puglia,
Which grape is used for red salic...
40  cards
KM MS Questions 09.01.2024
What is the principal grape for t...,
List the sub zones of tras os montes,
What do they call the pergola sys...
40  cards
MA MS Questions 13.01.2024
What is capsule conge,
When making gentil can the variet...,
How else can flute d alsace bottl...
45  cards
KM MS Questions 13.01.24
Name the 2 nested avas within ump...,
Which ava nested within chehalem ...,
In which washington ava would you...
42  cards
MA MS Questions 20th Jan 2024
What is the minimum ageing requir...,
Name the alsace grand crus locate...,
Which mountain range is a major n...
40  cards
Viti Vini KM Questions 21.01.24
Weisser heunisch is crossed with ...,
What is biodynamic preparation 508,
What type of procedure is mayorquine
42  cards
MA MS Questions 2nd Feb 2024
Sommos obergo blecua and vinas de...,
Where would you find the below pr...
31  cards
English Sparkling Cuvees
Hambledon vineyard,
Chapel down,
Louis pommery
22  cards
MA MS Questions 17th Feb 2024
What is orujo where would you fin...,
Barbeito is a producer of which k...,
In which region would you find th...
40  cards
KM MS Questions 03.03.2024
Within which do would you find ti...,
What is the minimum vine age for ...,
List the sub regions of ribeira s...
41  cards
MS Questions March 9th 2024
As of 2021 methode cap classique ...,
From which european vineyard did ...,
Leiterchen and felsenkopf are bot...
40  cards
MS Questions 12.04.2024
Which commune was added for sherr...,
What is the ageing requierement f...,
What is the maximum residual suga...
37  cards
MS Questions ST 12.04.2024
In sake production what does tsuk...,
What is dewa sansan,
Which wards and districts are inc...
40  cards
MS Questions 14.04.2024
Where would you find winters high...,
Where would you find contra costa...,
Where would you find comptche ava
40  cards
MS Questions ST 13.04.2024
Name a 5th growth st estephe and ...,
What is the second wine of chatea...,
Which cru classe releases three c...
40  cards
MS Questions 20.04.2024
What is the maximum allowed in th...,
How is malbec known on the right ...
41  cards
MS Questions ST 20.04.20
In which country would you find t...,
List the subs of neuchatel,
Name the two do zones of the bale...
40  cards
MS Questions 27.04.2024
Wines made from which grapes qual...,
What is la gerle,
With which region would you assoc...
40  cards
MS Questions 04.05.2024
Who is producing the wines called...,
Where would you find chateau para...,
Bodegas caro is a partnership bet...
36  cards
Questions MS 06.05.2024
Name the two docgs for verdicchio...,
Which is typically the dominant g...,
From which cru does gaja s sori s...
40  cards
MS Questions 07.05.2024
In which do would you find tinto ...,
What is the dominant grape variet...,
What is the dominant grape of the...
40  cards
MS Questions 07.05.2024 MA
What is grape chicha,
What are the do zones of valle de...,
What are the ares without subregi...
40  cards
MS Questions 11.05.2024
What is piloncillo,
Which famous winemaking name is b...,
Which famous burgundian winemaker...
40  cards
MS Questions 11.05.2024 MA
In bordeaux what is cos 100 how a...,
How is the wine made by cos d est...,
Name the second wines of chateau ...
32  cards
MS Questions 18.05.2024
What are the 2 districts of fitou...,
Which aop separates fitou maritim...,
What are the two subzones designa...
40  cards
MS Questions 20.05.2024
Which chateau makes caillou blanc,
Name a wine classified as second ...,
In which district would you find ...
40  cards
MS Questions 21.05.2024
What are the subregions of nelson,
In which region would you find th...,
Who makes the following wines a m...
40  cards
MS Questions 22.05.2024
What does tradicional indicate on...,
What are the names of the hollows...,
In which do and for what colour i...
40  cards
MS Questions 27.05.2024
What is the parentage of gamay,
What is mv6,
Who makes hill of roses
40  cards
MS Questions 03.06.2024
Who makes the riesling cuvee colette,
What is the most northerly grand ...,
What are the smallest and largest...
40  cards
MS Questions June 15th 2024
Who is producing the wines called...,
Poggio landi is a producer locate...
41  cards

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