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Define the term Aircraft Handling

General term that describes movement of aircraft or associated equipment.


State the vehicle speed limits on the flight line and around the aircraft.

15mph/ 5mph within 50 ft of aircraft.


State the maximum towing speed of an aircraft.

Only as fast as the slowest wing walker.


Name the 4 categories of tiedown requirements

Initial, intermediate, permanent, heavy weather


State the purpose of the emergency shore-based recovery equipment

Giant retractable tennis net-looking thing designed to go across a runway and snag the landing gear of a runaway aircraft. Kinda like a makeshift and very dangerous tailhook-arresting machine


State the purpose of the MA-1A overrun barrier

Exact same thing as the tennis-net thing. It stops runaway aircraft. Aircraft must have a nose-wheel to work properly


State the minimum personal protective equipment required on flight line and ramp area

Cranials, jersey, sound attenuators, goggles, flight deck shoes, flotation gear, survival light, whistle


Identify the safety hazards associated with Intakes

Don't get sucked in. Don't let anything on your person or in your immediate area get sucked in


Identify the safety hazards associated with Exhaust (engine and APU)

Exhaust is hot, make sure you don't get too close and get burned or thrown


Identify the safety hazards associated with Propellers

do not approach or depart an aircraft with propellers turning


Identify the safety hazards associated with Rotor blades

approach helo at the 3 or 9oclock position when the PCs wave you in, do not approach or depart while rotor are being engaged or disengaged


Identify the safety hazards associated with Hot Brakes

approach from fore or aft, never from the side


Explain the significance of Runway Numbering System

Numbered according to magnetic heading rounded to nearest 10 (140=14)


Explain the significance of Threshold Markings

200ft wide runway=10 stripes 12x150ft


Explain the significance of Airfield Lighting System

standardized system; responsibility of the tower


Explain the significance of Runway/Taxiway Marking System

Visual guidance; runways are lit by white lights,
taxiways have blue lights.


Explain the significance of Arm/De-arm Areas

Specific places, especially on a ship, where it is permissible to load ordnance onto a bird and activate the warheads


Explain the significance of Overrun Area

If an aircraft doesn't take off by the end of the runway it has a space to go where it won't hit anything and can slow down safely.


Explain the significance of Parking Apron

Parking Apron=aircraft parking lot.


Explain the significance of LOX exchange area

LOX-Liquid Oxygen. LOX Exchange Area is a place to service anything that needs liquid oxygen


Explain the significance of Crash and Rescue

Fire Department aboard a ship or stationed at an airfield. They respond to crashes


Explain the significance of Compass Calibration Pad

Magnetically quiet area so nothing interferes with the compass and it can be calibrated


Explain the purpose of a Wind Indicator

Gives a general idea of which direction and how hard wind is blowing


Explain the purpose of an Airfield Rotation Beacon

Below VFR it rotates at 12-15 flashes per minute


Explain the purpose of Tower Visual Communications

Uses lighting configurations in lieu of or in addition to radio voice commands


Explain the purpose of the TACAN system

Tactical Air Navigation-provides bearing and distance to a ground- or ship-borne station to provide reference for aircraft in the vicinity


Explain the purpose of ILS

Instrument Landing System-If an aircraft can't fly via visual indicators, it "shoots an approach" to a runway and the controlling authority "talks the pilot onto" the approach and subsequent landing.


Explain the purpose of VOR

Very High Frequency (VHF) Omnidirectional Range-Radio checkpoint to help an aircraft stay on course. about 3,000 in the world


Explain the purpose of GCA

Government Controlled Area-Authorized personnel only.


Explain the purpose of GPS

Global Positioning System-Precise, pinpoint location provided by satellites