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Explain Chemical Warfare

Intentional use of lethal/nonlethal chemical agents to produce casualties; harass or temp. incapacitate and demoralize personall or destroy areas, equipment and supplies.


Explain Biological Warfare

Living organmisms to disable/destroy people or domestic animals, to damage crops and deteriorate their supplies.


Explain Radiological Warfare

Deliberate use of radiological weapons to produce injury and death in man


Describe the purpose of the MCU-2P protective mask

Protects the human body from airborne gases. Only filters air;does not provide oxygen and has no canister.


Describe the purpose of the Chemical Protective Over Garment

Provides protection against solid and/or vapor Chemical or Biological attacks. Does not protect against liquids.


Describe the purpose of the Wet-weather Clothing

Protects from liquids-parka, trousers, rubber boots and gloves


Describe the purpose of the Atropine/2 Pam Chloride (Oxime) Auto-Injector

Attempts to neutralize the effects of nerve gas. Does NOT automatically inject. You need to inject it into your thigh. The needle comes out and jabs you when you slam the pen into your muscle.


Describe the purpose of the IM-143 Pocket Dosimeter

About the size of a pen. They measure how much radiation has been received in certain areas


Describe the purpose of the DT-60 Personnel Dosimeter

Same as a IM-143 but a small, round disk thing that measures from longer range than the pen


List the 4 types of chemical casualty agents and their physical symptoms

Choking: Dryness of throat, watery eyes. Mustard gas. Affects the soft tissues of the throat and eyes


Describe a High Altitude Air Burst

Altitude explosion above 100,000 feet. Disturbs ionosphere and disrupts radio waves. Essentially creates a humongous EMP wave that would knock out electronics over a huge area


Describe an Air Burst

Fireball doesn't touch Earth's surface. Air rushing to rebalance pressure creates a mushroom cloud and distributes radiation fallout


Describe a Surface Burst

Worst fallout. Fireball touches ground, debris gets sucked up and returns as radiation fallout.


Describe a Shallow Underwater Burst

Small fireball, explosion creates giant bubble that shoots a collumn of hot water into sky and expels gas and debris, causes large waves


Describe a Deep Underwater Burst

Larger than shallow burst, contaminants move much more quickly, same effects as shallow underwater burst but less visual effects.


Describe the effect of Blast in a nuclear explosion

Primary and secondary injuries, primarily by blast (direct force on body-more casualties) , secondary by debris (collapsing buildings)


Describe the effect of Flash Burns/Blindness in a nuclear explosion

Primary-heat from the bomb. Secondary-fires caused by the bomb


Describe the effect of Radiation in a nuclear explosion

Alpha & Beta particles-


Describe the effect of EMP in a nuclear explosion

Electro-Magnetic Pulse-Destroys electronics by super-oversurging them with electricity


Describe the effect of Blackout in a nuclear explosion

Loss of lights or electrical power in general during a nuclear attack


Define MOPP

Mission-Oriented Protective Posture- amount of protective CBR gear to wear or have readily available.


What is MOPP Level 1?

Gas masks issue and kept at battle stations. Inventory conducted on chem./ biological defense equip. and supplies.


What is MOPP Level 2?

Gas masks are carried by personnel


What is MOPP Level 3?

Wear protective equip. (smock with hood down, pants, over boots) stow decontam. kits in mask carrier, stow chem. gloves and medical supplies in jumper pocket. Go to gen. quarters, mat. condition Zebra. Fill canteens, active decontam. stations, post detection and monitoring teams.


What is MOPP Level 4?

Don gas mask, secure hood over head and mask. Don gloves. Condition Circle William is set (security of air vents) Activate Countermeasure Washdown System continuously


What is material condition ZEBRA?

Movement around the ship is very restricted. Set during air ops, general quarters, during VERTREP, etc. Makes sure personnel are within easy reach in case of emergency, especially a fire or crash