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By 1800 the nation's most important urban centers

Were Atlantic sea ports


The American economy benefited from the 25 years of continual warfare between French and English from 1789 to 1814

Tobacco and related products became the largest export product


What was true of Jefferson's political philosophy

Manufacturing and industrialization would enrich America


In pursuing the purchase of Louisiana, Jefferson violated the principle which he had rigidly insisted on earlier

Limited interpretation of the constitution


Americans found British actions with regard to naturalization and impressment particularly objectionable because

The demonstrates great Britain's failure to recognize American citizenship


The harder hit under the embargo act were the

New englanders


The battle at Tippecanoe

Resulted in further conflict and Tecumseh's alliance with the British


Oliver Perry's victory here put Americans in a position to regain the Old Northwest

Lake Erie


At the Hartford Convention, representatives from five New England states

Insisted states could nullify unconstitutional federal actions


While the Treaty of Ghent that ended the Wr of 1812 was inconclusive on most issues, it did

Include a British agreement to vacate western posts


The three elements of Henry Clay's American System were also supported by Madison and Monroe

National bank, tariff, roads, and canals


The Panic of 1819 reflected the

Transition from a farming to a more commercial endeavors


The major issues that were considered in the arguments that temporarily ended with the Missouri Compromise

The extension of slavery into new territory, the growing northern reform impulse, sectional balance of states in the Senate, constitutional issues of regulating slavery


The presence of Sacajawea illustrated that Lewis and Clark's expedition

Depended greatly on Indian knowledge for success


In Marbury Vs. Madison, Chief Justice John Marshall established the principle that

Only the federal judiciary could decide what was constitutional


What was impressment

Removing Americans from ships and into British naval service