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value chain diagram


Supply chain diagram

Raw materials supplier ---> Manufacturer ---> Distributor ---> Retailer ---> Consumer


Supply chain

a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer . An organisation's value chain is part of a larger system called the supply chain.


Why study accounting information systems?

AIS knowledge & skills are critical to an accountant's career success. Interacting with an AIS is one of the most important activities that accountants perform. Other important AIS-related activities include designing internal control systems & other business process improvements. 


Who is fraud & corruption mainly perpetrated by?

employees, 'knowledgeable insiders' who know the systems & controls in their organisation & see an opportunity to embezzle assets of their company. 


Earnings management

manipulation of a company's financial earnings either directly or through indirect accounting methods. 


Popular unethical cases?

- Enron & Worldcom - USA - HIH & One.Tel - Australia - More recently, Clive Peeters & the Queensland Health


Corporate & professional codes of ethics?

Codes of conduct by: CPAA, ICAA, IPA & CIMA


Stakeholder analysis framework

a decision framework weighing tough ethical judgements.