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What is the difference between hypovolemia and dehydration?

Hypovolemia is the reduction in circulating fluid (Normally due to trauma) and is urgent, whereas dehydration is the reduction in overall body fluid and is less urgent


When would crystalloid fluid be administered (Either sodium or glucose based)?

To replace lost fluid electrolytes or to change the pH of the ECF


Why would you give normal saline (NaCl) or Ringers?

To reduce bicarbonate in the system (Metabolic alkylosis)


Which two fluids would be given to correct hypovolemia?

Colloids or hypertonic saline (Crystalloid)


When would colloid fluids be used?

When fluid needs to be kept in the body for a longer amount of time, if rapid expansion of vascular compartment is required, to replace blood/protein loss


What is the most popular colloid solution used in vet med?

Gelatin solution