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Sectional Charts

What information does it contain? (3)
What is it scaled?
When is it revised?

•Contains information essential to VFR operations

•Scale: 1:500,000

•Revision Cycle: 6 Months


Terminal Area Charts (TAC)

What information does it provide? (3)
What is it's scale?
When is it revised?

•Terminal Area Charts are denoted on Sectional’s with a white boundary around the area the TAC covers.

•Provide greater detail in obstructions and airspace

•Denoted by white boundary labeled TAC surrounding the nations busier cities (MSP)

•Scale: 1:250,000

•Revision: 6 months


Lambert Conformal Conic Projection



Sectional Cover

What does it have on the cover? (6)

•Coverage Area
•Precautionary Notices
•Highest Terrain Location
•Maximum Elevation Figure (MEF)


Sectional Charts - Legend (7)

•Airport Data
•Radio Aids to Navigation and Communication Boxes
•Airport Traffic Service and Airspace Information
•Topographic Information


Inside Front Cover

What does it contain? (5)

•Control tower information
•Class B, Class C, TRSA, and selected radar approach control frequencies
•Special use airspace
•Flights over national park service areas


Sectional Topographical Data

What are examples of Topographical Data depicted? (8)

–Artist rendering, based upon sun in the northwest
•Hydrography (water)
•Populated places (yellow depiction)
•Boundaries (international, state, date line, time zone)
•Culture Data (tanks, wells, race tracks)


Airport Information Box

What is contained within? (11)

•Airport Information
–Controlled airport: blue
–Uncontrolled airport: magenta
–Size of runway (>8,069 feet)
–VOR dot
–Rotating beacon
–Field elevation
–Longest runway
–Traffic patterns
–Airport of entry


VOR Frequency Box

VOR Frequency Box (5)

Compass Rose

•VOR Frequency Box
–Frequency/Morse Code
–Underline = No voice
–Heavy line = FSS on the field
–FSS frequencies
•Compass Rose


Class E and G Airpsace

Where does it begin with a magenta dashed line?

Where does it begin with Magenta shading?
Where does it begin with Blue Shading?
What permissions do you need?
Do you need a transponder?
What airspeeds and weather do you need?

•Where does Class G end, and Class E begin?
–Surface? - magenta dashed line.
–Shading into the lower airspace
•700 feet AGL? - magenta shading
•1,200 feet AGL? - blue shading
–14,500 feet MSL?
–Non-standard Altitude?
•Permission? Transponder?
•Airspeed? Weather?