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Primary Flight Controls & Trim

What are the flight controls?

What do they control?

What kind are the ailerons?

How are they operated?

What type of trim

-consists of aileron, rudder, and elevator control surfaces.

-control wheel for ailerons and elevator, rudder/brake pedals for the rudders

- Conventional Ailerons

-operated through cables and mechanical linkage

-Manually operated trim on a vertically mounted trim wheel


Flaps. leading edge devices, and spoilers.

What kind of flaps does C172 have?

What motions do they have?

What positions can they go to?

What is the wing flap circuit protected by?

-Slotted Flaps
-extended or retracted
-10,20,FULL (30) positions
-wing flap circuit is protected by a 10-amp circuit breaker labeled FLAP

No leading edge devices on a C172.


Power plant and propeller

What kind of power plant and what does it all mean?

What kind of propeller is it?

What is it made of?

How big is it?

Power Plant:

Textron-Lycoming IO-360

means Lycoming Fuel injected, horizontally opposed 360 cubic inches.

LA 2 is model.

Normally aspirated ( not super/turbocharged)

Direct Drive gearing.

-two bladed, fixed pitch propeller
-one piece aluminum alloy
-76 inches in diameter


Landing Gear & Brakes

-Tri-cycle type
-Steerable nosewheel
-Tubular spring steel main gear shock support
-Single disk, hydraulically actuated braking system. Connected to master cylinder via braking pedals.


Fuel, oil, and hydraulic

Hydraulic fluid is red.
-no higher

-5 quart minimum
-Max quarts 9
(8 in sump 1 in system)



Components of Electrical System: (9)

Components of Electrical System:
-Master Switch
-Standby Battery Switch
-Avionics Switch
-Monitoring and Annunciation
-Circuit Breakers and Fuses
-External power receptacle

Essential Bus 1 & 2
Crossfeed Bus
Avionics Bus 1&2



AHRS is part of this. Accelerometers.

Avionics Bus 1 & 2
Part of the bus system


Pitot-static, vacuum/pressure, and associated instruments

ADC is part of this.

Pitot-static system used a heated total pressure pitot head mounted on the left wing lower surface.

Static pressure ALT source than the outside uses static pressure from the cabin air.

Vacuum system



-cabin heat and cabin air control knobs control airflow in cabin.

-air comes from ram air through the air outlets on wings

-heat takes ram air through the air warms from air intake through the motorand through the floor. adjustable defroster outlets also


Deicing & Anti-icing

C172 technically has two of these, the pitot heat and the defrosters.

Other examples:
-Heated Blade
-Weaping Wings
-Fluid Prop


Fuel Injection System:

Comprised of engine driven fuel pump, fuel/air control unit, fuel manifold, fuel flow indicator, and air-bled type injector nozzles.


Ignition System

Ignition is provided by two magnetos and two spark pulgs in each cylinder.

Total of 2 magnetos and 8 spark plugs in C172.

Ignition is controlled by rotary type magento switch in cock pit with Off L R Both and Start.


Electrical System:

28 volt direct current (DC) electrical system.

Belt Driven 60 ampere alternator.

24 volt main storage battery

Standby battery available to supply to essential bus if alternator main batter sources have both failed.