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which two groups have been fighting for control of China since the late 1920s? Who led each group?

Mao Zedong led the communist

chiang Kai-shek led the nationalists


what side wins the Civil War in 1949 in China and why?

The communist win because they had the support of the peasants


what happens to the nationalists after the civil war in China ?

they flee to Taiwan


what was the great leap toward in 1958-61 ? what were its goals ?

The great leap forward goal was to increase its industrial and its agricultural output and catch up to the west.

peasants begin to work in communes where there were thousands of people working on thousands of acres of farmland.


what were the effects of the Great Leap Forward ?

it was a major disaster.

agricultural output the declined and a major famine occurred about 30 million died over a three-year period.


what was the cultural revolution of 1966-76 ? what were the goals of the cultural revolution?

The goal was to crash any opposition to Mao by removing officials who Mao saw as disloyal

another goal was to destroy all old ideas or traditional ways of life and any western influence


who were the red guards in China ?

they were students that banded together to carry out maos orders. They attacked anyone or anything seeing as "counterrevolutionary. They carried with them the little red book


What were the results of the cultural revolution ?

years of chaos and turmoil

deaths of hundreds of thousands

economy suffered China's development held back

closing of schools and universities for several years


who was deng xiaoping

he became the new leader of China in 1978 after Mao

he wanted to modernize China and improve the living standards of Chinese people


what were the four modernizations

The goal of the four modernizations was improve China in four areas specifically agriculture industry science and defense


what were Dengs economic methods

he stresses using capitalist free-market economics ideas for example the communes were now ended and farmers were now given land to use

he encouraged foreign trade and foreign investment in China

"it doesn't matter if the cat is black or white..."
"to get rich is glorious"


what were the result of Dengs policies

incomes and living standards increased significantly

economy grown but the govt is still communist and people do not have basic democratic rights and freedoms


what was Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 ? goal ?

protests in the capital of being because students demanded more freedom and democratic rights and to end corruption.


what were the results of Tiananmen Square ?

crush protestors with force

kills hundreds


China now


one child policy

tensions over Taiwan

China took back Hong King


What happens when India is granted independence ?

India is granted independence from Britain and is partitioned


how is India partitioned ? and why?

into India and Pakistan .

this happens because Muslims feared they would be mistreated by the Hindu majority and wanted their separate nation aka Pakistan.


what is non alignment in India ?

a policy Nehru followed that meant India stayed neutral in the Cold War


what cultural tensions occurred in India ?

tensions violence and conflict between Hindus and Muslims.


tensions over the region of Kashmir

divided between India and Pakistan

mostly Muslim

people there want independence or to unite with Pakistan


tensions with Pakistan

the two nations fought a war in 1971

key issue is control over Kashmir

threat of war alarming because both have nuclear weapons


why did the African nationalist demand independence ?

they wanted to govern themselves and not be under foreign rule.


key nationalist leaders in Africa

kwame Nkrumah helped achieve independence in Ghana

jomo Kenyatta helped Kenya


what were some challenges faced by newly independent nations

developing their economies

were dependent on former parent country


ethnic conflict and vivola wars in Africa

genocide in Rwanda > Hutus and Tutsis ex artificial borders


what was the apartheid

it was a policy placed on South Africa in 1948 where the white South African government enforced strict racial segregation and discrimination.


how do the apartheid affect life in South Africa

there were separate public facilities

separate living areas

black South Africans had no voting rights

limited ability to travel in South Africa


What was the ANC

the African national congress which was an organization founded in 1913 to fight for the rights of blacks and end the apartheid.


who was Nelson Mandela

was the leader of the anc and was most important leader in the struggle


who was archbishop Desmond tutu

important religious leader and helped organize opposition to the government


what methods were used to fight against the apartheid

violent and non violent


what was the sharpeville massacre in SA

when the govt forces opened fire and killed 69 protestors the ANC was outlawed


what was Soweto uprising

when black South Africans protest govt policies and hundreds die


who was fw deKlerk

elected South African president and decided to end apartheid and freed Mandela from prison


what was the result of the first free election in 1994

black South Africans were able to vote and Mandela was elected president


what was zionist movement

when the Jews believed that they had a right to form a nation in Palestine.


what was the Balfour declaration

the British governments support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine .


what was the partition plan ? and what was initial reactions in Palestine ?

UN came up with a plan to partition Palestine into two states . one Jewish and one Arab state l. the Jews accepted and Arabs rejected.


what happened when the Jews declared the creation of the new state of Israel ?

the Arab nations reacted by attacking Israel but the Israelis defeated the Arabs in a series of wars


Arab Israeli wars

1948- Israel defeats Arab countries

1956 Suez Canal- Egyptian president got Suez Canal but Egypt defeated


what was the Six day war in 1976

3rd war that Israelis won and obtained

West Bank
Sinai peninsula


what was the Yom Kippur war

the 4th war the Arabs attacked Israel and developed stalemate


what was the plo and its goals

the plo was the Palestine liberation organization. which formed in the 60s to help bring about destruction of Israel and the creation of a Palestinian state


who was yasir Arafat

he was the leader of the plo and used terrorism


what was the intifada

it was a Palestinian uprising that broke out in gaza and West Bank. it's goal was to for Israelis out.


what were camp david accords

Israel and Egypt peace agreement .

Israel agreed to give the Sinai peninsula and Egypt agreed to recognize Israel. historic


what was the Israeli Palestinian agreement

the plo agreed to renounce terrorism and accept Israelis right to exist and Israel agreed to give Palestinians self rule in West Bank and gaza

Israel prime minister assassinated by his own