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what were the origins of the Cold War ??

a global rivalry between the us (along with democratic countries) and the Soviet Union (and its communist allies) . It was a ideological rivalry / competition between democracy and communism.


what regions came under Stalinism decision to set up communist dictatorships in Easter Europe ??

Poland Hungary Czechoslovakia Romania and east Germany


how did Churchhill describe the division of Europe ??

an iron curtain which means that the countries of Eastern Europe were communist dictatorships controlled by the USSR


what policy was developed to stop the spread of communism ??



According to the Truman Doctrine the US would ...

give assistance to nations threatened by communism


Under the Marshall Plan the US would ...

provide aid to European nations to rebuild after World War II


what was the Berlin Airlift (1948-49)

The Soviet union tried to take control of all of Berlin by forcing Western allies to give up West Berlin and set up a blockade. the US responds by sending in supplies by aircraft for almost a year and West Berlin remains free.



formed in 1949 made up of US Canada and Western European nations


Warsaw Pact

formed in 1955 made up of the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites.


what was The Berlin Wall (1961)

A wall that east Germany's communist government built in order to keep people from leaving communist East Berlin for free West Berlin


Arms Race was when ...

both US and Soviet built up huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons


Revolts in Hungary and Czechoslovakia cause ..

the USSR to invade each time and use force to prevent democracy from developing


What democratic movement in Poland causes the USSR to force the polish govt to crack down ??



what was Brezhnev Doctrine

do whatever necessary to make sure that these communist govt would remain in place


Korea had been divided into

communist North Korea and non communist South Korea


why did North Korea invade South Korea in 1950

to unite all of Korea under communist rule


who sent troops to to defend South Korea ?

US in line with the policy of containment


what was the result of the Korean War ??

the costly war ended with Korea still divided and remains this way today

today =
s korea - prosperous democracy
n Korea- communist dictatorship with nuclear weapons


Vietnam was divided in 1954 ...

North Vietnam communist and south Vietnam non communist


what was the goal of the communist in Vietnam

to unite all of Vietnam under communist rule


who were the Vietcong

rebels in the south that were supported by north Vietnam who were trying to overthrow the south Vietnamese govt ... north Vietnam also sent troops to south Vietnam to fight


why does the us send troops to Vietnam ??

to help s Vietnam resist a communist takeover #containment


domino theory

if Vietnam become communist the other nations of southeast would too.


outcome of Vietnam war ??

us unable to defeat communist and after cease fire agreement is reached the us withdraws troops

all Vietnam under communist rule


which communist group seized power in Cambodia ?? and what did they do ??

Khmer Rouge and they put radical policies into place to create an ideal communist society , forced people out of cities and executed thousands


who led Khmer Rouge

pol pot


what was the Cuban Revolution ??

rebels led by Fidel Castro seize power and Cuba becomes a communist dictatorship allied with USSR


what was the bag of pigs ?? what was the goal ?? outcome ??

The United States organizes an invasion of Cuba by anti-communist Cubans to overthrow Castro . it ultimately fails and he stays in power


what was the Cuban missile crisis ?? what happens ??

The Soviet union begins placing nuclear missiles in Cuba but the US demands that they be removed and puts blockade of Cuba into effect. after going to the brink of nuclear war the Soviet union remove the missiles



policy which allow greater openness and society

Gorbachev allowed some political freedoms



policy that called for economic reform and restructuring

Gorbachev try's to improve by introducing some ideas from capitalism and allowing some private ownership


gorbachevs goal

reform improve and strengthen Soviet Union ... did not go as planned


what was result of gorbachevs reforms ??

economy did not improve

glasnost allowed greater freedoms

non Russians call for independence


what changes come to Easter Europe as a result of gorbachevs rule

democratic reform movements in Hungary Poland Czechoslovakia east Germany and Romania

gorb allows this to happen

E Germany opens Berlin Wall 1989

Germany reunite


fall of Soviet

communist overthrow gorb but he survives temporary coup but is weakened

Soviet falls apart and collapses

15 republics become city states

end of Cold War