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immediate cause

franz Ferdinand helps trigger

this was the spark that helped cause the Balkan "powder keg" to explode

murdered by princip who was a serb

bosnia ruled Austria Hungary


long term causes (MAIN)

Militarism- European powers were building up armies, "arms race"

Alliance- triple alliance/entente

Imperialism- competing in building colonial empires

Nationalism- serbs were demanding independence from Austria Hungary


chain reaction

.assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
.germany supports austria Hungary with blank check
.doesn't meet demands
.russia mobilizes forces
.austria hungary declare war
.germany declare russia
.germany declare France
.germany invade Belgium
.britain declare Germany



set of demands issued on Serbia by Austria Hungary after they were blamed for the assassination. Serbia did not satisfy demands and Austria Hungary declared war


triple alliance

Germany Austria-Hungary and Italy


triple entente

France Russia and England



Britain France Russia Italy


central powers

Germany Austria-Hungary and ottoman empire


total war

The entire population of Europe was affected by the war

The entire population was expected to contribute to the war effort (rationing)

Woman helped filled the jobs of the men who were out Fighting

use of propaganda to build support for the war effort sometimes were harshly criticizing the other side


modern weapons

World War I is considered the first modern war

New weapons were used including machine guns poison gas tanks submarines aircraft long range artillery

helps lead to increased number of soldiers killed/wounded



this means that both sides were stuck in their positions and neither side was getting much ground and neither side seem to have the advantage… The war just drags on


eastern and western fronts / Shlieffen plan

Germany's plan to invade France get quick victory and then focus on Russia


trench warfare

set up trench lines
take cover in trenches
area between the trenches was called no mans land


global conflict

Gallipoli - allies suffer losses from ottoman and allied troops were from Australia and New Zealand

Africa- fighting from Europe spills over

India- fought alongside British (colonial troops)

Japan - joins allies bc seizes German territory in China

British- help organize revolt in ottoman , Arabs against ottomans to weaken ottoman


changes in 1917

Russia pulled out of war bc they were suffering heavy losses (treaty of Brest litousk)

us enters war on allies side :
unrestricted submarine warfare on us (lusitania)

the Zimmerman note > do US was angry to find Germany was offering to help Mexico get land from US is it joined the war on Germany side

favored allies

The US entrance into war helped allies win


result war

allies win (armistice/ceasefire)

there are millions of killed n wounded

Russia and Germany suffered most casualties


Paris peace conference

The big three include Britain France and the US along with Italy

all of the allies except the US wanted to punish the Central Powers especially Germany

Central Powers forced to sign peace treaties


14 points

President Woodrow Wilson wanted lasting peace he developed this plan for a peace settlement that included an end to the secret treaties freedom of the seas arms productions and giving people the right of self-determination which is the right to choose their own government free from foreign control and to establish the league of Nations and internal organization to help keep the peace


treaty of Versailles

Germany lost territory in Europe and its colonies overseas

Germany was forced to reduce the size of its military

Germany was forced to accept blame for starting the war and therefore to pay reparations this becomes known as war guilt clause


changes in territory

Austria Hungary collapses

new nations created including Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia Austria and Hungary

the ottoman empire loses most of its land in the middle east it only keeps what is the nation of turkey


establishment of League of Nations

International organizations that up after the word to try to keep peace which is weakened by the refusal of the US to join