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economic causes

they wanted to get raw Materials from the colonies and use the colonies as markets where they could sell manufactured goods


political causes

European nations thought that by getting colonies they would become stronger and more powerful
The force of nationalism lead some in Europe to want to do whatever was needed to make their nations great. some said to do this they needed to set up colonies overseas


social causes

some Europeans wanted to bring Christianity and advanced European civilization to the backward people of Africa and Asia


the white mans burden

the name of the poem that came to be more than just a poem, it stood for the idea that Europeans had a God given duty to civilize others in Africa and Asia based on the belief in European superiority


social Darwinism

belief that white Europeans were superior to others and were destine to rule others

racist concept


new imperialism

imperialism- When one's country controls/dominates the political economic or cultural life of another region.


scramble for africa

European nations establish colonies throughout the continent. only Ethiopia and Liberia remain free of European rule


Berlin conference

meeting of European nations where they decide how to divide Africa amongst themselves so it's important to keep in mind that no Africans could participate


boer war

from south Africa from 1899 to 1902 the Boers and the British battle begins for control of land but most importantly fighting for diamonds and gold the British defeat the boers and take control of South Africa


key to success by Europeans

europeans were able to defeat and dominate Africans due to their advanced technology such as Maxim gun. this illustrates the influence of the Industrial Revolution


positive aspects of imperialism in Africa

built hospitals and schools
railroads and telegraph economies were developed
Currency introduced
jobs for Africans
helped to decrease tribal warfare


negative aspects of imperialism in Africa

no longer control their own land and resources
treated Africans as inferior no respect to their culture
traditional ways of life were disrupted new systems of law and government
men travel far from home
creation of artificial borders ignored tribal boundaries nations of Africa still have borders


British imperialism in India

The British East India Company started setting up trading posts in India in the 1600s this was a large powerful trading company that had the permission of the British government to trade in India but the mid-1800s the British East India Company controlled most of India they used Indian soldiers called SEPOYS in the army


divide and conquer

much of India was ruled by local princes the British would make deals with some of them to prevent from joining forces to resist the British


causes of sepoy rebellion

immediate cause was the use of animal fat on ammunition cartridges
term cause many Indians were growing more resentful of British rule many Indians feel that the British were treating them as inferior and were not showing respect


results of sepoy rebellion

The British crushed the rebellion
because of their superior technology from the Industrial Revolution
The British government takes direct control over most of India India soon emerges as a "jewel in the crown "


The jewel in the crown

India was Britain's most valuable and important colony


positive affects of British rule in India

transportation and communication improved
education improved improved medical care
British rule provides order and stability
become more modernized


negative effects of British rule

British use India as a source of a material that are said to bring to use in manufacturing of finished goods These mass produce finished goods sold in India this helps put many Indians out of work
British promote growing of cash crops soul food production and leads to shortages and famines
many Indians resented the British because they feel inferior and they did not show respect for Indian culture


rise of nationalism in India

more more Indian started opposing British rule they still demanding self-rule which means Indians governing India

Indian national Congress and Muslim league


crimean war

fought between Russia and the Ottoman Empire what got help from France and Britain the results of the war was that Russia lost the ottoman empire continue to weaken


Suez Canal

reformers in Egypt tried to modernize it's economy and supported construction of the Suze canal which opened in 1869 linked the Mediterranean sea in the Red Sea the shortened in the travel time between Europe and Asia

Britain gains control of the canal



Russia and Britain competed for influence of Persia

The discovery of oil in persia lead to an increased interest from the British

Persian rulers granted concession to foreign companies which gave them the right to develop these resources


ottoman empire

The ottoman empire weekend during the 18th and 19th century it fell behind the Europeans and start to lose control of some of its territory because of its location and resources other nations were interested in gaining control over parts of the empire. geopolitics is an interest in or taking of land for strategic location or products