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Why did they want spices ;Europeans)

To preserve food
To add flavour to food and
To cure sickness


Examples of the spices they wanted

Cinnamon nutmeg and pepper


Why couldn't they just get spices the normals way

The Europeans wanted to find a new route to Asia that did not go over land because they wanted to avoid contact with the Moslem rulers in Turkey at the time


What was instanbol ,Turkey called



Why did the European rulers support the explorers

The rulers hopes to gain conrtol of the spice trade get gold and jewels conquer new land and spread Christianity


Why did the age of exploration begin

The demand of spices
the support if European rulers
Improvement on shipbuilding and navigation


Explain how improvement of shipbuilding and navigation was a reason for the age of exploration

Improvements in shipbuilding and navigation made it possible for ships to go on long voyages and have a chance of returning


Who created a new type of ship and what was it called

The Portuguese created a new the of ship called the caravel it was fast light and easy to monoeuure


What were some features of the caravel and why did they have them

It had triangular lateen sails to sail easier and a clinker built hull to fight through stormy sea with a water proof deck

These features made it suitable to sail on stormy seas and high winds


What ships were developed later

Larger ships called car racks and naos were created


What was used to measure latitude

The astrolable was used to measure latitude it did not work well in stormy conditions so sailers had to go adore to use it


What wer later developed to measure latitude

The cross staff and quadrant


Who developed the compass

The Chinese


How does a compass work

A magnetic needle points to magnetic north


What measured speed

The log and line


Explain how the log and line worked

It worked by a. Sailor throwing a piece of wood attached to knotted rope from the back of the boat. Then they would measure the amount of rope pulled by the log in 1 inure with an hour glass. Then they could calculate the speed.


What were the fears of a sailor

Falling off the edge of the world -believed world was flat and if you sailed too Far East or west you'd fall off

Sea monsters

The boiling South- they knew the further south you go the hotter it gets they believed the water down south was boiling and if they went too far south they'd get burned


Danger faced by sailors

Disease such a scurvy (lack of vitamin c) dysenty (lack of clean water)
Hunger and thirst
Hastile/angry natives
Never seeing land again as 50 % of sailers loss
their lives at sea


The impact of the Portuguese discoveries

The impacts of the Portuguese discoveries where that they now knew the route to Asia to get spices. They established trade links with African rulers and brought gold and slaves back to Europe. they built up alarms empire in Asia Brazil and South America, they broke the Muslim conrtol of the spice trade and reduced the price of spices in Europe


Haag were the consequences of the age of exploration

Creation of empires in the discovered lands
New goods exchanged between Europe and the new world
Improvement in. Maps
The impacts of the natives
The slave Trade
Conflicts between European rulers


Who discovered Brazil

Pedro Cabral


Why did the age of exploration begin

Demand for spices
Support of European rulers
Improvements in shipbuilding and navigation


Mention one way prince Henry the navigator cmtrunuted to the developments in sea traveling during the age of exploration

He set up a school for exploration
Sponsored ships


Who discovered the sea route to the spice islands

Vasco de gama