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Causes of the French Revolution

Enlightenment writers
Needed new ways of voting


Important changed for France

Abolished three states - everyone was now equal
Introduced declaration of Man and of the Citizen
New slogan ; Liberty, equality, fraternity


What is meant by Liberty, equality and fraternity

Liberty for people from the rule of Kings
Equality of treatment for all
Fraternity Ie brotherhood/cooperation


How was the power of the Catholic Church reduced

The National Assembly was passed by the civil constitution of the clergy. The Catholic Church supported nobles but revolutionaries didn't.
Reduced power by bringing in s law which declared the government ruled the church and priests took an oath to support the revolution


The flight to varennes

King Louise was very religious and didn't like the changes so he wanted to go to Belgium,as it was Catholic, until it blew over but he was found on the way and brought back to Paris under guard


Why did France become a republic

The flight to varennes showed King Louis was an enemy of the revolution. French believed they should become a republic without a King. War broke out because European kings and queens wanted to crush the revolution and when revolutionaries got to the tulleries palace they removed the kind from the throne


Execution of King Louis and queen Marie Antoinette

The National Assembly decided to trial the King for treason.
They voted on it and even Robespierre voted for the Kings execution
He was executed in Jan 1793 by guillotine
In oct Marie was beheaded


Who were against the revolution

Supporters of the King
Rebels in the vendee area who were religious
Austrian army invading France


How Robespierre seuxed control of the reign of terror

Committee of public safety
Law of suspects
Common executions


Impact of AWOI on France

-France became bankrupt from helping America
-Louis XVI forced to borrow even more money
-Decloration of the Rights of Men And of the Citizen was passes
-French returns from America spreading revolutionary ideas