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Was there's government in 1500s Ireland

No lords ruled over the country and King Henry VII ruled over a small area called the pale


What were the three sections Ireland was divided up into

The area controlled by Gaelic lords
The area controlled by old English lords
And the pale


Who were the Gaelic lords

Lords who ruled over a clam ( a group of people with the same surname eg O'Connor) the Lord was elected from the ruling family (derbhfine)


Who were the old English lords

Descendants from Normans who were given their land by the English King. They ruled over their own lands and had their own army and laws


What was the pale

An area ruled by English rulers who followed English rules and customs


Punishment under Brehon law

The only punishment was a fine that the guilty persons family payed called an éiric. Their were no executions of gaols. The Brehon (judge) was in charge of law


Punishment under common law

Courts held in courthouse. Guilty were beheaded or sentenced to long prison sentences. Judges went from place to place appointed by the King


What law as the Irish law

Brehon law


What law was the English law

Common law


Marriage laws in Brehon law

Wives kept names an properties.
Divorce allowed
All children (even ones born outside the marriage) were entitled to charge fathers property


Marriage in Common law

Wives room husbands name
Husband took wife money and property
Divorce not allowed
On,y children born in the marriage were entitled to fathers land


What is primogeniture

Under common law, the oldest son in the family inherits his fathers land and become the new Lord


What clothes did they wear in the 1500s

Mantle and glib


What is a mantle

A cloak Gaelic women wore with a long tunic


What was a glib

A fringe Gaelic men wore


Attacks on the pale

The people in the pale hated the Gaelic
There were often wars between lords
Gaelic attacked pale and Stole cattle
Pale framers paid black rent (protection money) to Gaelic to stop them
Gaelic soldiers, kern, came, burnt their house and stole animals


What was black rent

Protection money the pale paid to Gaelic to stop the attacks


What is a plantation

People from one country sent to another country To take land, live and work there


Who was the lords deputy

The Kings representative in Ireland


What was surrender And regrant

Gaelic lords would surrender their land to the King and promise to follow English rule and customs then they would be granted their land back again with a English title eg earl


Who organised the Laois Offaly plantation?

Queen Mary 1