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When was United Irishmen set up



United irishmens first members

Wolfe tone and Henry joy mc craken
Most were middle class Protestants


United Irishmen was first formed where



Where was the second branch of United Irishmen



Who set up United Irishmen Dublin branch

James napper Tandy


What did the United Irishmen want to do

Unite Catholics and Protestants
Bring Liberty and equality to Ireland
Reduce English power in Ireland by peaceful means


Why did United Irishmen have to become a secret society

As they were banned in 1793


Lord Edward Fitzgerald and about him

From one of most families In Ireland
Member of Protestant ascendency
Lived in Leinster house
Supporter of French Revolution and wanted same for Ireland


Tension over land

Land prices increased and Catholics were idling to pay more for land leading to division among the religions
Violence and fighting over land
Secret society: were defenders set up to protect Catholic farmers and orange order was set up to protect Protestant farmers

At this point aims of United Irishmen changed they were wiling to use violence


French help

Organised by Wolfe tone
French were willing to help to weaken their British enemy
French sent invasion fled with 43 ships 14000 soldiers
It was a disaster as;
One ship separated from rest
Violent storm prevented troops raving in Ireland
Forced to return to France and never interested in helping again


Causes of Irish rebellion

Protestant ascendency- Protestants had power over land, Catholics had few rights and couldn't sit at Parliament
Penal laws- discriminated against Catholics and Presbyterians making them unhappy
Influence from Americana me French Revolution